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economy, management of resources (i.e. money, goods, etc.); thrift, careful spending

economy economy, thrift, economics


economy economy

(n.) = economics ; economy [economies, pl.] ; saving ; inexpensiveness ; thrift.
Ex: The social sciences class, 300, subsumes economics, Politics, Law and Education.
Ex: In the interest of economy, and in order to avoid an overcomplex catalogue these rules recommend selective use of added entries.
Ex: Instead, a large scale saving of index entries is achieved by producing a general or blanket reference in some such form as the following: DICTIONARIES See names of individual subjects.
Ex: Applications of bibliographic data conversion warrant serious consideration given their availability and inexpensiveness.
Ex: With his interest in the process of making something, the craftsman embodies the traditional work ethic, with his respect for people and his concern for quality and thrift.
* controlar la economía = control + the purse strings.
* economía agrícola = agricultural economy.
* economía avanzada = advanced economy.
* economía basada en el conocimiento = knowledge driven economy.
* economía de gestión = managerial economics.
* economía de la información = information economy.
* economía del conocimiento = knowledge economy.
* economía del don = gift economy.
* economía del regalo = gift economy.
* economía de mercado = market economy ; market economics ; commodity economy.
* economía de negocios = managerial economics.
* economía de subsistencia = subsistence economy.
* economía electrónica = e-economy (electronic economy) ; e-conomy (electronic economy).
* economía emergente = emerging economy.
* economía empresarial = business economics ; managerial economics.
* economía en vías de desarrollo = transitional economy ; developing economy.
* economía gerencial = managerial economics.
* economía internacional = international economy.
* economía monetaria = money economy.
* economía mundial, la = world economy, the ; global economy, the.
* economía personal = personal finance.
* economía rural = rural economy.
* economía socialista = socialist economy.
* economia sumergida = informal economy ; underground economy.
* eje central de la economía, el = backbone of the economy, the.
* estimular la economía = stimulate + the economy ; spur + the economy.
* iluminación reducida por economía = brownout.
* incentivar la economía = stimulate + the economy.
* inyectar dinero en la economía = pump + money into the economy.
* Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda = Lord Chancellor's Office.
* Ministro de Economía = Chancellor of the Exchequer.
* prensa de economía, la = business press, the.
* reactivar la economía = revitalise + the economy.
* sección de economía, la = business pages, the.

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