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effective; actual; regular
cash, specie; forces



(n.) = cash.
Ex: The European Regional Development Fund provides cash for regional economic development and recovery in the worst off regions in the Community.
* adelanto de efectivo = cash advance.
* adelanto en efectivo = cash advance.
* anticipo de efectivo = cash advance.
* dinero en efectivo = cash.
* hacer efectivo = cash in ; cash out (of).
* hacer efectivo en metálico = pay in + cash ; cash out (of).
* incentivo en efectivo = cash reward.
* ingreso de efectivo = cash deposit.
* mercado en efectivo = cash market.
* movimientos de efectivos = cash flow.
* pagar en efectivo = pay in + cash ; pay + cash.
* pago en efectivo = cash payment ; payment in cash.
* premio en efectivo = cash prize.
* reserva en efectivo = cash reserves.
* retirada de efectivo = cash withdrawal.
* reunir el efectivo = muster (up) + the cash.
* valor efectivo = cash value.
(adj.) = effective ; efficacious.
Ex: Normally the most effective way of summarising a table is to produce a simplified table.
Ex: Micrographic and computer technologies and their integration will become increasingly efficacious as agents for change with respect to the continued existence of the traditional 75 by 125 millimeter card.
* poco efectivo = ineffectual.

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