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sickly, ill; diseased; troubled; unfit; suffering
ill; sufferer; patient; invalid
fall ill, sicken

unwell, diseased, ill, unsound, ailing, unhealthy


sick it made sick

(v.) = become + ill ; fall + ill ; get + sick ; sicken ; get + ill.
Ex: However, many attempts to actively involve the community in reducing its risks of becoming ill have met with failure.
Ex: The largest group of metaphors compared firms to living (especially human) beings: companies are born, fall ill, have children, die, etc.
Ex: When some of the parrots got sick, he nursed them back to health, and they in turn brought him back to life.
Ex: A rare strain of salmonella in dry pet food has sickened at least eight people this year, in addition to the 71 people who have fallen ill since 2006.
Ex: If you recall, Bisi was pregnant for Ijaodola before she got ill and the pregnancy had to be terminated to save her life.
* enfermar de = come down with ; go down with.
Ex: Gulf War vets are coming down with these symptoms at twice the rate of vets from previous conflicts.
(n.) = patient ; sufferer.
Ex: A record is a complete unit of information about a person, item, product, book, patient, chemical, etc.
Ex: In the Netherlands there are currently some 20,000 sufferers from this affliction.
* enfermo de Alzheimer = Alzheimer's patient.
* enfermo de Asperger = Aspie ; Aspergian.
* enfermo de cáncer = cancer patient.
* enfermo de lepra = leper.
* enfermo diabético = diabetic patient.
* enfermo en fase terminal = terminally ill patient.
* enfermo mayor de edad = elderly patient.
* enfermo mental = mental patient ; mentally ill.
* enfermos crónicos, los = chronically ill, the.
* enfermos en fase terminal, los = terminally ill, the.
* enfermos mentales, los = mentally disturbed, the ; mentally handicapped, the ; mentally ill, the ; insane, the.
* enfermos terminales, los = terminally ill, the.
* enfermo terminal = terminal patient ; terminally ill patient.
* los enfermos = sick, the.
* visita a los enfermos = work round.
(adj.) = sick ; ill ; poorly ; poor health ; unwell ; ailing.
Ex: Do not use the negative (e.g. use sick instead of not healthy).
Ex: Leforte asked said Leforte with much curiosity and concern, 'Is anything wrong? Are you ill? Is there anything I can do?'.
Ex: Tuan is his new father figure after his real dad sadly died after being poorly for a long time.
Ex: Much of his later life he lived in reclusion, loneliness, poor health, and despair.
Ex: Sometimes there is no doubt that your child is unwell, however there may be times when you can't tell.
Ex: John W. Gardner, when he was president of the Carnegie Corporation, said 'Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects'.
* caer enfermo = become + ill ; fall + ill ; get + sick ; get + ill.
* caer enfermo de = come down with ; go down with.
* enfermo crónico = chronically ill.
* enfermo de amor = lovesick ; lovestricken.
* enfermo de cáncer = cancer-stricken.
* enfermo de gravedad = seriously ill.
* enfermo de preocupación = sick with worry ; ill with worry.
* enfermo físico = physically ill.
* enfermo grave = seriously ill.
* enfermo incurable = incurably ill.
* enfermo mentalmente = mentally ill.
* estar a punto de caer enfermo = be sickening for.
* estar enfermo = be ill.
* estar enfermo de amor = be lovesick.
* estar gravemente enfermo = be critically ill.
* fingir estar enfermo = malinger.
* gravemente enfermo = seriously ill.
* hacerse el enfermo = malinger.
* hacer sentir enfermo = make + Nombre + sick ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.
* poner enfermo = make + Nombre + sick ; sicken ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.
* ponerse enfermo = get + sick ; get + ill ; become + ill ; fall + ill.
* ponerse enfermo de = come down with ; go down with.
* sentirse enfermo = feel + sick.

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