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specialist; specialized, skilled; trained; tax




(adj.) = in-depth [in depth] ; skilled ; specialised [specialized, -USA] ; specialist ; domain-specific ; specialty ; special.
Ex: She organized the library's program of in-depth seminars on how to use the library for faculty in the social sciences and humanities.
Ex: When used by skilled abstractors this mixture of styles can achieve the maximum transmission of information, within a minimum length.
Ex: It is mentioned here as an example of a specialised list of subject headings, special in the sense that it is intended for a particular type of application.
Ex: Thus popular or common names of subjects are included in preference to technical or specialist jargon.
Ex: This article discusses techniques for building robust and domain-specific thesauri to assist in cross-domain scientific information retrieval.
Ex: Strategies that may be employed by law firms for using medical data bases to locate potential expert witnesses or out-of-court specialty consultants are illustrated.
Ex: Going back to our Waterloo question, a special or general encyclopedia may include useful titles at the end of an article on Waterloo, gunnery, or military science.
* abogado especializado en divorcios = divorce lawyer.
* biblioteca especializada = special library ; specialised library ; specialist library.
* biblioteca especializada en música = music library.
* biblioteca especializada en temas polares = polar library.
* biblioteconomía especializada en documentación para enfermería = nursing librarianship.
* biblioteconomía especializada en las bibliotecas académicas = college librarianship.
* biblioteconomía especializada en las bibliotecas universitar = academic librarianship.
* colección especializada = special collection ; study collection.
* diccionario especializado = subject dictionary.
* enciclopedia especializada = specialised encyclopaedia.
* especializado en = with a special focus on.
* especializado en una disciplina = discipline-specific.
* especializado en un área temática = domain-specific.
* especializado en un mercado concreto = niche.
* firma especializada = specialist firm.
* fuente bibliográfica especializada = specialist bibliographic source.
* imprenta especializada en remendería = jobbing house.
* índice especializado = special index ; specialist index.
* muy especializado = highly specialised.
* no especializado = broader-based.
* producto especializado = specialist product.
* publicación especializada = specialist publication ; specialised publication.
* revista especializada = specialist journal ; specialised journal.
* sistema de clasificación especializado = special classification scheme ; special scheme.
* tesauro especializado = specialised thesaurus.
* especializarse = specialise [specialize, -USA] ; major.
* especializarse en = deal in.
* especializarse en + Infinitivo = specialise in + Gerundio.
* sin especializar = non-specialised.

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