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etiquette; formality; ticket; docket; tab; mark; (Computers) tag, label which instructs the computer to display the text following it in a certain way (in the programming language HTML)
label, affix a tag or sticker to; classify



it labels

(n.) = label.
Ex: There are a number of types of abstracts or labels that can be applied to abstracts.
* etiqueta antirrobo = anti-theft strip.
* etiqueta con el nombre = name tag.
* etiqueta de advertencia = warning label.
* etiqueta de código de barras = barcode label.
* etiqueta de código de barras sin codificar = dumb barcode.
* etiqueta de identificación = name tag.
* etiqueta de identificación del lector = borrower identification label.
* etiqueta del documento = document label.
* etiqueta de lector = borrower label.
* etiqueta de préstamo = label.
(n.) = label.
Ex: Enter your search term preceded by the label and a colon; for example, 'ti:veterinary medicine' searches titles (ti) for 'veterinary' adjacent to 'medicine'.
* etiqueta de campo = field label ; field tag.
* etiqueta de metadatos = metadata tag.
* etiqueta identificadora del libro = label.
* etiqueta identificativa del ejemplar = book label.
(n.) = designer label.
Nota: Especialmente referido a ropa.
Ex: They release selected second-hand clothes into fleamarket circulation labelled with their own designer label.
* de etiqueta = in full regalia.
* traje de etiqueta = evening dress ; evening wear ; evening suit ; tuxedo ; tux ; dinner jacket ; black tie ; white tie and tails ; tails ; morning suit ; formal dress ; best dress.
* vestido de etiqueta = evening gown ; evening dress ; formally-dressed ; best dress.
* vestido de noche = evening dress.
* vestir de etiqueta = dress to + kill ; dress (up) to + the nines.
* vestirse de etiqueta = dress up.
(v.) = tag ; pigeonhole ; peg.
Ex: It is occasionally useful for administrative purposes to be able to tag borrowers so that they may be intercepted during charge-out.
Ex: The information specialist can identify reference questions by subject area if the requests seem to fit into 1 of the 3 technologies; but he or she cannot pigeonhole requests which have blurred boundaries.
Ex: After a couple of months, I had his overall behavior pretty well pegged.

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