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quite right
exact, precise; accurate; reliable; true; correct; proper



(adj.) = accurate ; exact ; undeviating.
Ex: An abstract is a concise and accurate representation of the contents of a document, in a style similar to that of the original document.
Ex: The exact location of any term in such languages is determined by its position in the alphabetical sequence of terms, as in a dictionary.
Ex: Happily the rules of quasi-facsimile are easily mastered; what is difficult is to observe them with scrupulous, undeviating accuracy.
* búsqueda exacta = exact match.
* ciencias exactas, las = exact sciences, the ; hard sciences, the.
* copia exacta = replica.
* para ser exacto = to be specific ; to be precise ; to be exact.
* ser una copia exacta dd = be a dead ringer for.
* valor numérico exacto = crisp value.

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