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experiment, experimentation
test; touch; experiment, attempt to discover or test something; experience, try; feel; taste; undergo


experiment it experienced

(n.) = experiment ; experimentation ; test run.
Ex: Experiments in improved document delivery systems, and the establishment of networks between libraries are under way.
Ex: A critical abstract normally comments the adequacy of experimentation and survey methodology.
Ex: Test run results show that by taking advantage of the favourable properties of holography shorter response times are obtained.
* del experimento = experimental.
* experimento mental = thought experiment.
* experimentos con animales = animal experimentation.
* hacer experimentos = institute + experiments.
* realizar un experimento = conduct + experiment.
(v.) = experience ; pass through ; suffer ; undergo ; mess with ; feel ; go through ; register.
Ex: If facilities like these are not supported by the data base design, the users of the system will experience slow response times.
Ex: The scheme has passed through nineteen editions.
Ex: Since the introduction of computer-based indexing systems alphabetical indexing languages have become more prevalent, and UDC has suffered a reduction in use.
Ex: Syntactic relationships arise from the syntax of the document which is undergoing analysis, and derive solely from literary warrant.
Ex: Once music is digitized you can filter it, bend it, archive it, rearrange it, remix it, mess with it.
Ex: Public libraries, especially in New York City, are feeling severe budget crunches, because we really haven't been relevant to people and, therefore, nobody uses us = Las bibliotecas públicas, especialmente de la ciudad de Nueva York, están sufriendo graves recortes presupuestarios debido a que la gente no nos ha encontrado necesarios y, por lo tanto, nadie nos utiliza.
Ex: A shock of resistance and antagonism went through Zachary Ponder.
Ex: The existence of an economic dividend of the global devolutionary trend registered over the past three decades is still ambiguous.
* experimentar recortes = suffer + cuts.
* experimentar una revolución = enter + a revolution.
* experimentar una subida = experience + rise.
* experimentar una transformación = undergo + transformation.
* experimentar un aumento = experience + rise.
* experimentar un aumento vertiginoso = experience + explosion.
* experimentar un cambio = bring about + change ; undergo + modification ; undergo + change ; undergo + transition.
* experimentar un cambio + Adjetivo = take + a + Adjetivo + turn.
* experimentar un crecimiento = experience + growth.
* experimentar un descenso = experience + drop.
(v.) = experiment ; institute + experiments ; prototype ; try out ; test.
Ex: We need not abandon our professional library studies programs, but we must also be willing to experiment with future oriented programs and structures at the same time.
Ex: In an open-planned building designed flexibly to cater for adaptations, the librarian is not inhibited for making changes or instituting experiments.
Ex: The electronic book (e-book) is already available commercially in Japan, and a British company is currently prototyping a handwriting recognition notepad.
Ex: All they need is a willingness to experiment a bit and to try out a pedagogical method others testify to being of some value.
Ex: Inmate library workers often test a new librarian, but once he or she has passed the test, they usually become very protective and staunch promoters of the library.

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