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greetings, regards
expression, phrase


(n.) = expression ; manifestation ; sentence ; statement ; utterance ; phrasing ; phrase ; locution.
Ex: The first two steps require the recognition of the individual concepts present in the topic, and their expression in the terms available in the controlled vocabulary.
Ex: The concepts introduced by the colon : (colon) may be manifestations of either Personality, Matter or Energy facets within a given compound.
Ex: The title-like phrase combine concepts in the order in which they would be listed in a sentence or phrase.
Ex: Statements conveying preferential relationships between terms indicate which terms are to be treated as equivalent to one another.
Ex: One natural strategy for reducing the impact of miscommunication is selective verification of the user utterance meanings.
Ex: Round-the-fireside tales are usually told nevertheless with careful attention to rhythm and phrasing, pace and subtlety of vocal tone.
Ex: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed', but do not record the outcome of the discussion or survey.
Ex: While we're at it, let's get rid of locutions that imply that men are inherently better than women.
* acuñar una expresión = coin + a phrase ; coin + an expression.
* derecho a la libertad de expresión = right to free speech ; right of free speech.
* encontrar expresión = find + expression.
* expresión científica = scientific locution.
* expresión cotidiana = everyday locution.
* expresión de búsqueda = access vector ; search expression.
* expresión de interés = application.
* expresión de lo que uno piensa = self-disclosure.
* expresión en blanco = blank expression ; blank look.
* expresión facial = facial expression ; facial posture.
* expresión familiar = colloquialism.
* expresión favorita = catchphrase.
* expresión idiomática = idiom ; idiomatic expression.
* expresión libre = free speech.
* expresión preferida = catchphrase.
* expresión puente = transitional phrase.
* expresión típica de Gran Bretaña = Briticism.
* expresión típica del Canadá = Canadianism.
* forma de expresión = way of expression ; mode of expression.
* libertad de expresión = freedom of expression ; freedom to speak ; freedom of speech ; free speech.
* mirar con una expresión vacía = look + blank.
* modo de expresión = way of expression ; mode of expression.

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