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fabulous, fabled, fantastic

wonderful, super


(adj.) = stunning ; terrific ; tremendous ; fabulous ; fabled ; dynamite ; light fantastic ; sizzling ; awesome ; divine ; great ; super-duper ; grand ; fab ; far-out.
Ex: The trends themselves are not hard to anticipate, although the stunning pace of development is often not fully appreciated.
Ex: However, fiction -- from a public library standpoint, but not from a research or academic standpoint -- is a terrific example of undercataloging.
Ex: There has been tremendous growth in libraries since then, but, fundamentally, it has been possible to build on the foundation that nineteenth-century heroes constructed.
Ex: The whole question of the language used in folk stories and the qualities to look for is studied at length by Elizabeth Cook in 'The Ordinary and the fabulous', a book of inexhaustible value to teachers and all those engaged in storytelling and reading aloud.
Ex: This is one of America's most fabled summer watering holes.
Ex: Administrators usually do not know that a central serials file is dynamite.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Networking the light fantastic. CD-ROMs on LANs'.
Ex: He had a sizzling, electric stage presence.
Ex: In the sometimes frenetic push towards the somewhat awesome concept of Universal Bibliographic Control (UBC), the library needs of the nonscholar are easily overlooked.
Ex: Her slinky dress was incredibly sexy, the colour was divine on her, plus the gold accessories were the perfect complement.
Ex: Click on 'add new experience', provide as much details as you can, and let us know why you think they are so great.
Ex: He recently passed away due to a heart attack and he was a super-duper awesome guy.
Ex: As Carlyle saw it, 'the grand use of any catalog is to tell you, in any intelligible way, that such and such books are in the library'.
Ex: After seeing her video, who can't love her with her fab hair combined with her fab fashion.
Ex: The sunset was far-out today.
* pasárselo fabuloso = have + a good time ; have + a great time ; have + a whale of a time.

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