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phase; time; light; leg, lap

stage, phase



(n.) = building block ; phase ; stage ; step.
Ex: The National IT plan proposes 7 building blocks each with a strategic thrust which will serve as the overall impetus for the national IT movement.
Ex: This planning phase involves moving from a vague impression that a thesaurus might be useful to a fairly precise profile for the thesaurus.
Ex: The first stage in the choice of access points must be the definition of an author.
Ex: The first step in assigning intellectual responsibility to a corporate body must be a definition of a corporate body.
* en cada fase = at each stage.
* en fase terminal = terminally ill.
* enfermo en fase terminal = terminally ill patient.
* enfermos en fase terminal, los = terminally ill, the.
* en su fase ascendente = in the ascendant.
* en tres fases = three-step.
* fase anterior a la impresión = prepress phase.
* fase de actuación = stage of implementation.
* fase de la luna = phase of the moon ; moon phase.
* fase de pruebas = test phase.
* fase eliminatoria = qualifying round.
* fase final = phase-out ; endgame.
* fase final, la = home stretch, the ; home straight, the ; final furlong, the.
* fase inicial = early stage ; input stage.
* fase lunar = moon phase ; phase of the moon.
* fase de actuación = implementation stage.
* por fases = staged.
* suministro eléctrico por fases = phase supply.
* tratamiento por fases = phased approach.

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