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figure, shape; frame; form; court card, face card
figure, think; rank


(n.) = figure ; icon ; shape.
Ex: Figure 16 on page 24 gives an overview of searching.
Ex: Icons, or pictorial representations of objects in systems, were pioneered by Xerox.
Ex: If the book has an unusual shape then both the height and the width of the book will be given.
* buena figura = curvaceous.
* Caballero de la Triste Figura, el = Knight of the Doleful Countenance, the.
* escultura de figura humana = figure sculpture.
* figura de ánfora = hourglass figure.
* figura de cartón = cardboard cutout.
* figura de cera = waxwork.
* figura decorativa = figurehead.
* figura de guitarra = hourglass figure.
* figura geométrica = geometric shape ; geometric pattern.
* figura recortada = cutout [cut-out].
* figura recortada de cartón = cardboard cutout.
* figura retórica = figure of speech ; trope.
* genio y figura hasta la sepultura = old habits die hard.
* realzar + Posesivo + figura = flatter + Posesivo + figure.
(n.) = figure ; outstanding leader.
Ex: Much potentially valuable historical material is lost to posterity because of the attitude to the collection of primary sources which always gives pride of place to the ephemeral as long as it is compiled by a well-known figure.
Ex: The introductions to the chapters are by outstanding leaders in their fields who provide inside information about the nature of the work.
* con figuras en movimiento = animated.
* figura de culto = cult figure ; cult hero.
* figura destacada = leading figure.
* figura histórica = historical figure.
* figura materna = mother figure.
* figura mediadora = mediating figure.
* figura paterna = father figure ; parental figure.
* figura política = political figure.
* figura prominente = outstanding leader.
* figura relevante = outstanding leader.
* figura venida a menos = fallen star.
(v.) = appear ; feature ; figure.
Ex: The statement of authorship is also transcribed and it appears in the work.
Ex: If a corporate body is deemed to have some intellectual responsibility for the content of a work, then the name of that body will usually feature as a heading on either a main or added entry.
Ex: It is important not to let the early sections figure disproportionately in the final abstract merely because they are encountered first.
* no figurar = be not included.
* ya + Pronombre + lo + figurar = Pronombre + guess + as much.
* ya + Pronombre + lo figuraba = Pronombre + thought as much.

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