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financial, of money matters, of finance
financier, financial expert; person who manages large amounts of money (privately or corporately)

financial, financier


(n.) = financier.
Ex: His position was pivotal because he was not only the organizer but also the financier and indeed the speculator of the book trade.
(adj.) = financial ; fiscal ; pecuniary.
Ex: SIA in the United Kingdom covers information on travel and transport, economics in EEC countries, construction of nuclear power stations, and financial information.
Ex: The effect of fiscal pressures is particularly evident for government on-line systems, such as DOE/RECON.
Ex: George Watson Cole refers to his mental derangement and pecuniary embarrassment.
* analista financiero = finance analyst.
* año financiero = fiscal year ; budget year.
* apoyo financiero = financial backing.
* asesor financiero = financial adviser.
* asuntos financieros = money matters.
* ayuda financiera = financial assistance ; fund assistance ; financial help.
* base de datos financiera = financial database.
* centro financiero = financial centre.
* control financiero = fiscal control.
* cuestiones financieras = money matters.
* director financiero = finance director ; chief financial officer.
* entidad financiera = financial institution.
* gestión financiera = fiscal management ; financial management.
* incertidumbre financiera = economic uncertainty.
* industria de servicios financieros, la = financial services industry, the.
* industria financiera, la = finance industry, the.
* informe financiero = financial report.
* mercado financiero = financial market ; financial exchange.
* programa de gestión financiera = cash management package ; cash management software.
* riesgo financiero = financial risk.
* sector financiero, el = finance sector, the.
* solidaridad financiera = financial solidarity.
* solvencia financiera = credit standing.
* transacción financiera = financial transaction.

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