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frustrated; failed


(adj.) = frustrated ; in frustration ; out of frustration ; manqué.
Ex: First, Sholom Aleichem I recently spent something like twenty minutes talking over the telephone with a suitably irate and properly frustrated borrower.
Ex: When a library user comes to the reference desk in frustration and desperation -- perhaps in a rage or in tears, it is often an unforgettable (and sometimes unpleasant) opportunity to test one's problem-solving abilities and diplomatic talents.
Ex: If either spouse on rare occasions out of frustration or anger slams a door or speaks angry words is it fair to label he or she as an abuser?.
Ex: A manqué artist will do when the real thing is unavailable, but there was no doubt in my mind that the musician onstage last night was incapable of delving deeply into any material.
* estar cada vez más frustrado = frustrations + mount.
* sentirse muy frustrado = be beside + Reflexivo + with frustration.
* verse frustrado = get + frustrated.
(adj.) = abortive ; bungled ; botched ; foiled.
Ex: The Consumers' Association had been founded in 1957 following a similar abortive service set up by the British Standards Institution two years previously.
Ex: He was also blamed for the bungled imposition of a state of emergency in Nyasaland in March 1959.
Ex: Police beat the hell out of innocent students during a botched raid.
Ex: It is based on the true story of the Nazis' foiled scheme to collapse the US and UK economies by flooding America and England with fake currency.
(v.) = thwart ; scupper ; cripple ; frustrate ; baffle ; stymie ; foil ; defeat ; forestall ; spoil ; hamstring ; exasperate ; cast + a blight on ; blight.
Ex: A public library's design can go far in either reinforcing or thwarting the intimacy of reading and in determining its success -- functionally, aesthetically and financially.
Ex: This arrangement could definitely help solve the librarian's problems, unless unexpected events scupper it.
Ex: The objection to it seems to be that by reading rubbish children cripple their own imaginative, linguistic or moral powers.
Ex: The psychologist Abraham H Maslow has warned of 'true psychopathological effects when the cognitive needs are frustrated'.
Ex: As the domain expands, the problem of rule formalisation may even baffle a human expert.
Ex: So, in a lot of cases the ability to take advantage of technologically sophisticated younger faculty is stymied by these conflicting interests.
Ex: The author considers the incidence of arson in US libraries and some ways of foiling arsonists through constant vigilance and observation of library users.
Ex: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of software programs intended to defeat some of these sabotage actions.
Ex: In order to forestall such an event, some libraries in Britain were stung into action by the publication of an Act of Parliament which totally ignored public libraries.
Ex: But if set-off did occur and threatened to set back and spoil subsequent impressions of the first forme, the tympan cloth could be rubbed over with lye to clean it.
Ex: Instead, the proposed regulations would hamstring public access.
Ex: Radical intellectuals often seem exasperated by what appears as excessive attention paid to conceptualization.
Ex: Rampant commercialisation of publishing is casting a blight on literature.
Ex: The global outbreak of swine flu has spread fear through the travel sector, blighting any green shoots of recovery from the financial crisis.
* frustrar el esfuerzo = frustrate + effort.
* frustrar las esperanzas = shatter + Posesivo + hopes ; dampen + Posesivo + hopes ; dash + Posesivo + hopes.
* frustrarse = become + frustrated ; run into + the sand(s) ; get + frustrated.
* frustrarse cada vez más = frustrations + mount.
* frustrar un esfuerzo = thwart + effort.

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