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pleasure, gratification; flattery; coaxing
show affection to, please; flatter; coax, cajole

compliment, adulation


(n.) = flattery ; compliment ; blandishment.
Ex: The effects of flattery from a computer can produce the same general effects as flattery from humans, as described in the psychology literature.
Ex: Nine percent of the questions analyzed were placed in the 'other' category, which included notes of thanks and compliments on good service, suggestions for improving the library's services, and messages sent from listservs = El nueve por ciento de las cuestiones analizadas se colocaron en la categoría "otros", que incluía notas de agradecimiento y felicitaciones por el buen servicio, sugerencias para mejorar los servicios de la biblioteca y mensajes enviados de servidores de listas de correo.
Ex: Even though she knew that Durkin was impervious to her blandishments, she could not help herself.
(v.) = flatter ; pander to ; butter + Nombre + up ; toady ; fawn (on/upon/over) ; blandish.
Ex: Library readers are not always flattered to think that their problems are so simple that the librarian can produce the answers out of his head.
Ex: Recently, however, libraries have deserted the individual and have pandered too much to the needs of the general public.
Ex: This may seem surprising, but complimenting a co-worker can seem like you are buttering them up for something you need.
Ex: The function of journalism is not to toady to those in power but to challenge them.
Ex: Presumably they do so in the hope of being tossed some meaningless bauble of an honour when they have fawned enough.
Ex: The girl attempted to enter the club by blandishing the bouncer, yet he wasn't fazed by her excessive praise.

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