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falcon, type of predatory bird which hunts during the day (characterized by a sharp beak and strong claws), hawk

(n.) = falcon ; hawk.
Ex: This article surveys hunting themes incorporated into coats of arms, including prey animals, such as stags, wolves, bears, and foxes; hounds and falcons; and hunting equipment such as horns, bows and arrows, and spears.
Ex: This suite of defensive adaptations has enabled hawks to forage and behave with near impunity virtually free from predation.
* halcón de patas rojas = red-legged falcon ; red-footed falcon.
* halcón patirrojo = red-tailed hawk ; red-legged falcon ; red-footed falcon.
* halcón peregrino = peregrine falcon ; peregrine.
* halcón pescador = osprey ; fish hawk.

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