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flour, meal, farina, breadstuff

flour, meal



(n.) = flour ; meal.
Ex: N-methyl 2 pyrrolidone (NM2P) is a non-aqueous solvent for starch and flour paste.
Ex: Meal obtained by processing of olive marc is used as additive to various bakery products intended for human nutrition.
* gusano de la harina = mealworm.
* harina común = all-purpose flour ; plain flour.
* harina con levadura = self-raising flour ; self-rising flour.
* harina de almendra = almond meal.
* harina de avena = oatmeal.
* harina de maíz = cornmeal.
* harina de repostería = cake flour.
* harina de trigo = wheat flour.
* harina integral = wholemeal flour ; whole wheat flour.
* molino de harina = flour mill.
* ser harina de otro costal = be a whole new (ball) game.
* ser harina de otro costa = be a whole new story.
* ser harina de otro costal = be a whole new kettle of fish ; be a different kettle of fish ; be a different story.

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