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print, printing; printing house

printing office

(n.) = book house ; printing house ; printing office ; printing press ; press [presses, -pl.] ; establishment ; printing machine ; printing company ; printing firm ; print shop.
Ex: Although most London book houses owned galley presses for making slip proofs by the 1870, it appears that companionship bookwork was generally made up into pages and imposed before proofing until the mid 1880s.
Ex: Companionship systems were operated in the Boston printing house of Hobart and Robins in the early 1850s.
Ex: Companionships had probably been developed in late eighteenth-century London for dealing with rush jobs in the larger printing offices.
Ex: The place of printing is the location where the printing press is situated, of failing this, the organization acting for it.
Ex: Several of the commercial and university publishers that had been prominent in 1983 have been replaced by new presses.
Ex: Certainly the larger establishments of the early machine-press period, which produced comparable numbers of damp sheets, found it necessary to install heated drying rooms.
Ex: The author list reprographic equipment suitable for use in libraries (copiers, cutting equipment, printing machines, collators, driers).
Ex: The first formally organized photomechanical printing company in the world was created by Paul Pretsch in 1854 in England.
Ex: These archives are so complete that they present a rare insight into the early history of a printing firm which under 4 generations of owners produced work for 127 years.
Ex: The only feminist print shop in North America has closed down after 23 years.
* al principio de la imprenta = early printing.
* cajista de imprenta = compositor ; typesetter.
* carácter de imprenta = block capital ; block letter.
* era de la imprenta, la = print era, the.
* GPO (Imprenta del Gobierno Americano) = GPO (Government Printing Office).
* historia de la imprenta = history of printing.
* imprenta de galeradas = galley press.
* imprenta de material efímero = jobbing house ; jobbing office ; jobbing printer.
* imprenta de periódico = news press.
* imprenta especializada en remendería = jobbing house.
* imprenta pequeña = small press.
* imprenta privada = private press.
* industria de la imprenta, la = printing industry, the.
* letra de imprenta = block capital ; block letter.
* máquina de imprenta = printing machine.
* metal de imprenta = type-metal [typemetal].
* oficial aprendiz de imprenta = journeyman printer.
* papel de imprenta = printing paper ; copy paper.
* pie de imprenta = edition imprint ; imprint statement ; imprint.
* símbolo de imprenta = press-figure.
* taller de imprenta = printing house ; printing firm ; printing company ; print shop.
* tinta de imprenta = printing ink.
* tipo de imprenta = book face ; printing type ; type.

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