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sneak; unexpected; unprovided
improvisation, act of improvising; something which is done without preparation, something improvised (i.e. speech or musical performance)



(n.) = contingency.
Ex: The results also suggest that there is a range of factors and contingencies that affect the extent to which a library does, in fact, provide economic benefits.
* si no ocurre ningún imprevisto = all (other) things being equal.
(adj.) = unannounced ; unforeseen ; unanticipated ; unexpected.
Ex: The arrival of the school doctor or dentist or of well-knwon personalities visiting the school normally occur unannounced.
Ex: Each Fellow's experience was unique and posed exciting and unusual challenges as well as unforeseen obstacles.
Ex: Nonetheless, despite both anticipated and unanticipated obstacles, the enthusiasm among the consortium members remains high.
Ex: The teacher should not give away any details which would be best enjoyed when met for the first time in a full reading, such as twist in the plot, unexpected endings, and the like.
* cambio imprevisto de los acontecimientos = turn of events.
* consecuencias imprevistas = unintended consequences.
* dinero para gastos imprevistos = cash float ; petty cash.
* giro imprevisto de los acontecimientos = turn of events.
* giro imprevisto en la trama = twist in the plot.
* resultado imprevisto = unintended result.

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