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ingrate, thankless, ungrateful

ungrateful, thankless


(adj.) = invidious ; thankless ; unappreciative ; unsavoury [unsavory, -USA] ; ungrateful.
Ex: Within the ranks of authorship therefore there are many types of author and it is invidious to claim that one sort is necessarily 'better' than another.
Ex: This article is entitled 'Thankless tasks': academics and librarians in the novels of Barbara Pym'.
Ex: Convinced that most Americans were unappreciative and unreachable, librarians became increasingly autocratic and elitist and made their libraries even less appealing to the common man = Convencido de que la mayoría de los estadounidenses eran desagradecidos e inaccesibles, los bibliotecario se hicieron cada vez más autocráticos y elitistas e hicieron sus bibliotecas aún menos atractivo para el hombre común.
Ex: Despite the unsavory characters, bawdiness, and amorality in several of his plays, Middleton was more committed to a single theological system than, for example, Shakespeare.
Ex: For this reason he dubbed man the 'ungrateful biped'.
* ser un ingrato = bite + the hand that feeds + Pronombre.

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