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install, set up; establish; put in; plant; induct


(v.) = fit ; install [instal, -USA] ; mount ; rig ; set up.
Ex: One such method requires that each book has a magnetic strip inserted into the spine and a special exit door is fitted across which an electric signal is beamed.
Ex: These systems have been installed in a number of libraries in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.
Ex: There are now over 2000 data bases mounted on a number of computers spread at various locations throughout the world.
Ex: The worst interruptions of all, in my experience, come from those public address systems rigged in many schools in every room and used apparently without a second thought by administrative staff.
Ex: The reference service is set up next to, on in the case of small units, in the reading room.
* instalarse = make + a home for + Reflexivo ; set up + camp.
* instalarse en = move into.
* instalar un servicio = mount + a service.
(v.) = make + a home for + Reflexivo ; set up + camp.
Ex: This is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in New York and is so often the victim of street bullies that he hides in the subway, where he manages to make a home for himself. Ex: This popular annual funfair sets up camp in the area surrounding the Midi train station in Brussels.

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