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interest; attract; appeal; intrigue


to interest

(v.) = be interested in ; interest ; catch + Posesivo + fancy.
Ex: Then something compelled her to blurt out: 'Are you interested in the job?' 'We haven't frightened you off, have we?' ejaculated another, with a nervous laugh.
Ex: The book 'Dors' by Diana Dors will undoubtedly interest her fans.
Ex: At nightfall, drop anchor at any place that catch your fancy and the lullaby of the gentle waves put you to sleep.
* interesarse = mark + interest ; work up + an interest.
* interesarse apasionadamente por + Nombre = be bitten by the + Adjetivo + bug.
* interesarse en/por = interest in.
* interesarse por = be concerned with ; take + interest in ; pursue + interest ; ask after ; care (about/for).
* interesarse por Algo superficialmente = dabble in.
* interesarse por el tema = enter + the field.
* no interesar = can't/couldn't be bothered.
* porque + Pronombre + interesar = out of interest.
* ser lo que a Uno le interesa = be (right) up + Posesivo + alley ; be + Posesivo + cup of tea.
(v.) = mark + interest ; work up + an interest.
Ex: At the 2nd London Book Fair, attendance was down from 508 in 1982 to 497 in 1983 and some major publishers were absent although overseas interest was marked. Ex: It was at this time that John Hall, together with other public-spirited citizens of that community, worked up an interest in the matter, the proceeds of which were to be used in the construction of a railroad.

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