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introduction; insinuation; insertion; input



(n.) = background ; leading remark ; overview ; penetration ; prelude ; preparation ; infusion ; induction ; backgrounder ; entrée ; build-up [buildup] ; rollout [roll-out] ; taster.
Ex: This article describes the Nordic online data base situation, outlining its background and future developments, as well as the supply of different kinds of data base.
Ex: Indeed, to spark reader's curiosity incomplete and leading remarks are possible the most effective.
Ex: Figure 16 on page 24 gives an overview of searching.
Ex: The somewhat late arrival of the ROOT thesaurus in the indexing world means that its penetration will be slow, although it has great potential as a tool for standardizing indexing languages.
Ex: As a prelude to using the scheme, we will briefly outline the various sections of this book.
Ex: A study then of the underlying features of the classification process and the components of a classification scheme is a preparation for the more critical and informed application of classification schemes.
Ex: The infusion of computers and data bases into the law office and the tremendous increase in published legal materials have given rise to the need for the law librarian.
Ex: The author concludes that the new course offered an overall improvement in library induction.
Ex: He provides information 'backgrounders' to 100-200 people.
Ex: Now that information is being distributed through the visual media, exhibitions can provide an entree for diversified and potentially larger audiences.
Ex: The work completed to date has only been a build-up to the main phase but its usefulness has already been shown.
Ex: The interview provides a behind-the-scenes look at the company's preparation for the service's official rollout in Summer 2000.
Ex: 'Free' services still predominate on the Internet: some providers offer samples of free information as a taster for their charged services.
* anterior a la introducción de la escritura = preliterate [pre-literate].
* hacer una introducción = set + the scene.
* hacer una introducción histórica = give + background information.
* introducción (a) = introduction (to).
* introducción de datos utilizando un teclado = keypunching.
* modo de introducción de datos = input mode.
* ofrecer una introducción a = provide + a background to.
* posterior a la introducción de la escritura = postliterate [post-literate].
* programa de introducción a la biblioteca = library training programme.
* servir de introducción = set + the backdrop ; set + the framework ; set + the context.
* servir de introducción a = provide + a background to.
* tecla de introducción de datos = ENTER key.

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