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insert; introduce, present for the first time; acquaint one person with another; bring to the notice of; make; create; interfere

introducir, import, insert

to introduce

(v.) = enter ; feed ; input ; insert ; introduce ; key in ; load into ; put in ; put into ; read in ; usher in ; inaugurate ; carry in ; slip in between ; roll out.
Ex: Entry of an 'e' for end will bring back the screen shown in Figure 23 where you can make another choice or enter 'e' for end.
Ex: The computer merely needs to be fed with the source documents and their citation, and with the appropriate software, will generate the indexes.
Ex: Thus the electronic journal (e-journal) is a concept where scientists are able to input ideas and text to a computer data base for their colleagues to view, and similarly to view the work of others.
Ex: Gaps are left in the apportionment of notation in order to permit new subjects to be inserted.
Ex: The report introduced a range of ideas which have influenced subsequent code construction.
Ex: The advantage is that information does not have to be keyed in.
Ex: Multiple copies of the catalogue or index in the conventional sense are not required, but the data base can be copied and loaded into various computer systems.
Ex: For those of you who are not familiar with OCLC and the way we work the data base is not a vast receptacle into which we throw any kind of record that anybody wants to put in.
Ex: If the bibliographic record is found, it can be put into the system catalog immediately.
Ex: Light pens can be used to read in data from bar codes on borrowers' cards, books, records, audio-visual materials.
Ex: Optical technology has ushered in a new phase in the storage and retrieval of information.
Ex: In the beginning staff delivered books to readers in their homes, while in 1972 a mobile library service was inaugurated enabling readers to choose their own materials.
Ex: The first printing presses had two moving parts: the carriage assembly, which carried the type and paper in and out of the press, and the impression assembly, by means of which the paper was pressed down on to the inked type.
Ex: At all periods, but uncommonly before the eighteenth century, the lines of type might be 'leaded', thin strips of typemetal, reglet, or card being slipped in between each one.
Ex: I don't need to tell those of you from higher education institutions how course management systems are starting to really proliferate and roll out in higher education.
* introducir a golpes = hammer into.
* introducir Algo/Alguien en = usher + Nombre + into.
* introducir Algo en = take + Nombre + into.
* introducir arrastrando = haul in.
* introducir datos = key + data.
* introducir datos en el ordenador = input.
* introducir datos partiendo de cero = enter from + scratch.
* introducir de contrabando = smuggle in.
* introducir de nuevo = re-enter [reenter].
* introducir en = merge into.
* introducir escalonadamente = spiral.
* introducir gradualmente = phase in.
* introducir ilegalmente = smuggle in.
* introducir información = provide + input.
* introducir mediante el teclado = keyboard.
* introducir mejoras = make + improvements.
* introducir poco a poco = ease + Nombre + in.
* introducir poco a poco a = filter through to.
* introducir por primera vez = pioneer.
* introducir progresivamente = spiral.
* introducirse = creep (up) (in/into) ; enter into ; make + Posesivo + way (into/onto) ; gain + entry.
* introducirse completamente en = immerse + Reflexivo + in.
* introducirse en = insinuate + Posesivo + way through ; insinuate + Reflexivo + (into) ; insinuate into.
* introducirse en nuevos mercados = break into + new markets.
* introducirse poco a poco = ease + Reflexivo + in.
* introducirse sigilosamente = creep up on.
* introducir tirando = haul in.
* introducir un cambio = bring + change.
* introducir un (nuevo) producto = launch + a (new) product.
* volver a introducir = re-enter [reenter] ; reintroduce ; reinsert.
(v.) = creep (up) (in/into) ; enter into ; make + Posesivo + way (into/onto) ; gain + entry.
Ex: Abstracting may not always be accorded a high priority by volunteer abstractors and undesirable delays may creep into the preparation of abstracts. Ex: Information in machine-readable form can be entered into and extracted from the DOBIS/Leuven files. Ex: Although electronic books (eBooks) are beginning to make their way into libraries collections, the question remains as to why it has taken so long for this to happen. Ex: The Israeli secret police, Mossad, used forged passports to gain entry into Dubai which were traced back to Israel.

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