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boss, manager; chief, head, leader, ruler

boss, chief, leader



(n.) = boss ; chief ; employer ; chief honcho ; top official ; top position ; head honcho ; honcho ; gaffer ; leader.
Ex: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.
Ex: He subsequently served as chief of that Division, chief of the Serial Record Division, Assistant Director for Cataloging of the Processing Department, Director of the Processing Department, and Assistant Librarian of Processing Services.
Ex: But we have an obligation to these students, to their future employers and colleagues, to society in general and to ourselves to ensure that our 'processing' makes an important difference.
Ex: 'We should be more sympathetic and persuasive with the chief honchos'.
Ex: Some who felt that many of the top officials in libraries and professional organizations were men.
Ex: In spite of the preponderance of women in the profession 44 of 61 top positions are held by men.
Ex: Only 17 percent of head honchos say research and development (R&D) drives innovation in their business, a new study has found.
Ex: Of course, no one but a few honchos at IBM and Oracle know the real answer.
Ex: Watford gaffer believes his team's home games hold the key to their ability to survive in the Premiership.
Ex: The proud mother, as a result, had been a leader in the fight to establish a program for the 'gifted and talented' in the public school system.
* ¡cómo se nota que no está el jefe! = while the cat's away, the mice will play.
* editor jefe = editor-in-chief.
* enfermera jefe = matron.
* jefa de oficina de correos = postmistress.
* jefe de bomberos = fire marshal.
* jefe de cocina = chef.
* jefe de comedor = head waiter.
* jefe de escuadrón = squadron leader.
* jefe de espías = spymaster.
* jefe de estado = head of state ; chief of state.
* jefe de estudios = deputy head ; academic advisor.
* jefe de facturación = billing clerk.
* jefe de gobierno = head of government.
* jefe de la tribu = tribal chief.
* jefe del estado mayor = Chief of Staff.
* jefe de los servicios de gestión del conocimiento = chief knowledge officer (CKO).
* jefe de los servicios de información = chief information officer (CIO).
* jefe del servicio de catalogación = cataloguing head.
* jefe del servicio de referencia = reference head.
* jefe de milicia = warlord.
* jefe de obra = site manager.
* jefe de oficina = office manager.
* jefe de oficina de correos = postmaster.
* jefe de personal = personnel officer ; welfare officer ; staff manager.
* jefe de personal de la biblioteca = library personnel officer.
* jefe de policía = chief constable ; police chief.
* jefe de prensa = press officer.
* jefe de producción = production manager.
* jefe de recursos humanos = human resource manager.
* jefe de sección = section head.
* jefe de seguridad = security official ; security officer ; safety official.
* jefe de taller = overseer.
* jefe, el = big guy, the ; big gun, the ; top banana, the.
* jefe militar = army official ; army officer.
* muchos jefes y pocos trabajadores = too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
* ser el jefe = be in charge ; call + the shots ; be the boss ; call + the tune ; rule + the roost ; run + the show.

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