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jewellery, ornaments for personal adornment made of precious metals or set with gemstones
jewel, gem; pearl; treasure


= jewellery [jewelry, -USA].
Ex: This article looks at hair, eyes, makeup, jewellery, ties, suits, braces, footwear, perfume and other aspects of dress, and describes what is considered appropriate and correct for librarians. (n.) = gem ; jewel ; cameo.
Nota: Figurilla tallada en piedra preciosa y usada como joya.
Ex: For example, DIAMONDS could not be a NT under CUTTING TOOLS as well as under gems.
Ex: The article 'Part-time librarians: jewels of the profession' reports the results of a survey of US part time library staff.
Ex: The article 'A passage to India: a bibliographical cameo' celebrates the bibliographical ties between the India and Britain.
* decorado con joyas = jewelled.
* joya llamativa = bling.
* joya ostentosa = bling.
* joya preciada = prize(d) jewel.
* joyas = jewellery [jewelry, -USA].
* joyas de encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
* joyas de la corona = crown jewels.
* joyas de la familia = family jewels.
* joyas por encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
(n.) = crowning jewel ; showpiece ; piece of resistance.
Ex: In this fully updated work, nearly 500 species and cultivars of the crowning jewels of water gardens, the water lilies and lotuses, are described.
Ex: Every garden also needs a showpiece flower, easy to grow but fabulous and exotic in the vase.
Ex: On the other hand, the greatest eye-catcher and the piece of resistance of this incredible home is the wood and iron grand staircase.
* joya arquitectónica = architectural jewel.
* joya desconocida = hidden jewel ; hidden gem.
* joya escondida = hidden gem ; hidden jewel.
* joya oculta = hidden gem ; hidden jewel.
* la joya de = showpiece ; piece of resistance.
* pequeña joya = bijou.
* ser una joya = be a gem.
* una joya = a little gem.
= a little gem.
Ex: If readers are persistent enough to get beneath the sometimes painful jargon common in this genre, they will find a little gem of a book.

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