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legal, juridical

legal, juristic juridical


(adj.) = legal ; juridical.
Ex: University courses in legal information work should take on board the teaching of the new technology.
Ex: In the early days the contents of these town libraries were largely juridical.
* asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice.
* asesoría jurídica = legal advice centre.
* documentos jurídicos = muniments.
* entidad jurídica = legal entity.
* estudios jurídicos = legal studies.
* experto jurídico = legal expert.
* fuente jurídica = legal source.
* marco jurídico = legal framework.
* preclusión jurídica = estoppel.
* procedimiento jurídico = legal process.
* proceso jurídico = legal process.
* sesión de asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice surgery.
* taller de asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice surgery.

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