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liquid, made up of molecules that move freely but do not tend to separate; of or comprised of liquids; smooth, flowing
liquid, substance whose molecules move freely but do not tend to separate; net payment
liquidize, convert into a liquid; liquidate, make liquid; liquefy, cause to melt, change into a liquid; erase; settle; satisfy; acquit

fluidity, fluid, fluidness, liquidness, liquid fluid, liquid



I liquidate liquid

(v.) = liquidate ; finish off ; top + Nombre + off ; zap ; finish + Nombre + off ; turn + Nombre + into a grease spot.
Ex: The Book Portfolio, comprising shares in companies in the book business, was set up for The Bookseller in Dec 81 and liquidated in Oct 92 = La Cartera de Acciones del Libro, compuesta de acciones en empresas del negocio del libro, se creó para El Bookseller en diciembre del 1981 y se liquidó en octubre del 1992.
Ex: His statement is a serious threat to the cooperative sector and was aimed at finishing off the movement.
Ex: Top it off with spicy yacamole and it's worth the nosh.
Ex: This electric fly swatter will zap any fly or mosquito with 1500 volts.
Ex: What his brother did was beyond evil, they should've finished him off with the death sentence.
Ex: Jet Li is a charming drunk with a devil-may-care grin and enough skill to keep himself from being turned into a grease spot.
* liquidar rápidamente = make + short work of.
* liquidarse = polish + Nombre + off ; make + short change of.
* liquidar una deuda = pay off + a debt.
* liquidar una factura = settle + invoice.
(n.) = liquid ; substance ; fluid.
Ex: This is the common 'bubble' sort, in which the highest or the lowest 'values' rise to the top like bubbles in a liquid.
Ex: It details steps to be taken to salvage discs which have been damaged by spilled substances such as coffee with cream and sugar, Classic Coke, hamburger and french fries, and hand cream.
Ex: For example, the heading 'Circulation of the blood' is acceptable, but the very similar 'Movement of fluids in plants' is not.
* control de flujo del líquido = fluid-control.
* líquido amniótico = amniotic fluid.
* líquido antiséptico = antiseptic liquid.
* líquido cefalorraquídeo = cerebrospinal fluid.
* líquido cerebroespinal = cerebrospinal fluid.
* líquido condensado = condensate.
* líquido corrector = correction fluid ; erasing fluid.
* líquido de desecho = effluent.
* líquido de encendido = starting fluid.
* líquido de frenos = brake fluid.
* líquido de lavavajillas = dishwasher liquid.
* líquido desconocido = foreign substance.
* líquido de transmisión = transmission fluid.
* líquido gaseoso = gas liquid.
* líquido inflamable = flammable liquid.
* líquido lavalunetas = windscreen wiper fluid.
* líquido limpiador = cleaning fluid.
* líquido para lavavajillas = dishwasher liquid.
* líquido para limpiaparabrisas = windscreen wiper fluid.
* líquido revelador = developing fluid.
* succionador de líquidos = baster.
* volverse líquido = turn to + liquid.
(adj.) = molten ; runny ; liquid.
Ex: The whole box was then immersed for about ten minutes in a pit of molten metal.
Ex: If you have runny nail polish, pour some onto a paper plate, add a bit of flour and stir it up with something like a toothpick.
Ex: We use herbs in liquid form because they are more easily digested and absorbed.
* cristal líquido = liquid-crystal.
* demasiado líquido = runny .
* estado líquido = molten state.
* estiércol líquido = slurry.
* gas líquido = liquid gas.
* nitrógeno líquido = liquid nitrogen.
* onza líquida = fluid ounce.
* pantalla de cristal líquido = LCD [liquid crystal display].
* pedo líquido = wet fart.
* residuos líquidos = liquid waste.

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