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throw, cast; send; sling; aim; shoot; pitch; release; launch; dart, dash


throw, to

to rush

= launch ; lob ; fling ; dart ; catapult ; spew (out) ; pitch ; hurl ; fire off ; toss ; sling.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio slung.
Ex: It describes an attempt by leaders in the CD-ROM business to launch a logical file structure standard for CD-ROM.
Ex: Projection is really a matter of energy rather than volume, and the energy comes from the diaphragm, which propels the breath like stones from a catapult so that the words are lobbed from speaker to listeners.
Ex: A gust of wind flung a powder of snow from the window-sill into the room.
Ex: 'That wouldn't be my problem,' Stanton said darting a sardonic glance at her antagonist.
Ex: The success of his last book catapulted him to the pinnacle of fame.
Ex: Simultaneously, automatic gunfire spewed out from a sandbagged position west of the village across the river mouth.
Ex: They pitched him unceremoniously out of the window, laming him for life, on a brick pavement below.
Ex: Palestinians hurled Molotov cocktails Friday at Israeli soldiers operating south of Nablus, the army said.
Ex: Incredible though it may seem, the youngster didn't fire off a volley of cheerful curses, but silently obeyed.
Ex: Everything being online, the exquisite oaken cabinets housing the card files were tossed = Puesto que todo ya está online, se tiraron las cajoneras de roble tan exquisitas que contenían las fichas.
Ex: Several inmates face more time behind bars after slinging fecal matter throughout the jail.
* lanzar al aire = toss into + the air.
* lanzar al mercado = ship ; put + Nombre + on the market.
* lanzar amenazas = rattle + Posesivo + saber.
* lanzar bombas = bomb.
* lanzar desde = throw + Nombre + off.
* lanzar en abundancia = rain.
* lanzar gritos de protesta = cry of protest + go up.
* lanzar miraditas = give + Nombre + the eye ; make + eyes at.
* lanzarse = rush ; dart ; plunge into ; pounce (on).
* lanzarse a = launch into ; throw + Reflexivo + into.
* lanzarse a la calle = take (to) + the streets ; come out on + the roads ; spill (out) into + the streets.
* lanzarse a la fama = shoot to + fame ; catapult to + fame.
* lanzarse al estrellato = shoot to + stardom ; catapult to + stardom.
* lanzarse al mercado = hit + the streets.
* lanzarse al ruedo = toss + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring.
* lanzarse de cabeza = jump in with + both feet.
* lanzarse en paracaídas = parachute.
* lanzarse sin ton ni son = dive (in) + head-first ; plunge in + head-first.
* lanzarse sobre = descend upon ; lam into ; lay into ; lunge at.
* lanzar una falta = take + a free kick.
* lanzar una idea = pilot + idea.
* lanzar una indirecta = drop + a hint.
* lanzar una iniciativa = launch + an initiative.
* lanzar una mirada de = give + Nombre + a look of.
* lanzar una mirada de odio = glare at.
* lanzar un (nuevo) producto = launch + a (new) product.
(v.) = rush ; dart ; plunge into ; pounce (on).
Ex: The computer can be a great boon to cataloging, but I don't think that we should rush at it in an overly simplistic way. Ex: 'That wouldn't be my problem,' Stanton said darting a sardonic glance at her antagonist. Ex: Preliminary decisions must be taken before plunging into the accumulation of index terms, and analysis of relationships. Ex: The prisoners pounced on the food like hungry beasts and, champing noisily, gulped down the soup greedily, hardly chewing the meat, and burning their mouths.

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