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order, command; warrant, injunction; commandment; dictate; (Computers) tag, label which instructs the computer to display the text following it in a certain way (in the programming language HTML)

(n.) = commandment ; instruction ; mandate ; parliament ; tenure ; dictate ; injunction ; term ; edict ; term of office ; period of office ; term in office ; watch ; behest ; order.
Ex: The commandment KOLN see COLOGNE should be sufficient cause for the rejection of the illicit proposal to establish OPERA -- KOLN.
Ex: A command language is the language with which the search proceeds; the commands are instructions that the searcher can issue to the computer.
Ex: The original mandate was very clear: to consider for inclusion all proposals made.
Ex: Librarians should not indulge in complacency in the wake of the Chancellor of the Exchequer's decision not to impose any VAT on books for the duration of the present parliament.
Ex: During his tenure, OSU was recognized for the high quality Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) program it developed in serving both students and faculty.
Ex: In practice, once the barriers are broken down in children antagonistic to reading, everything blends into the flux of a whole experience split into bits only by the dictates of a school timetable.
Ex: Familiar injunctions such as 'Enter under...' seem to have been lost.
Ex: The board consists of seven members elected by popular ballot for three-year terms.
Ex: A French edict of 1571 set the maximum price of Latin textbooks in large type at 3 deniers a sheet.
Ex: At the same time we traditionally record the departure of those who have completed terms of office and who have given much of their time and some of their lives to forwarding the cause of libraries and librarianship.
Ex: This paper identifies the librarians of Glasgow University since 1641 and assesses their periods of office.
Ex: The book focuses on Nixon's two terms in office and draws on solid, original source material to get inside the minds of the president and his chief hatchetman, Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman, in particular.
Ex: During his watch, the US economy as well as the global monetary situation have been thrown into a precarious situation.
Ex: Prophet Mohammed told him, "Well look here, so long as they follow my behests, they will not be ill".
Ex: His orders were clear -- no car was to enter unless it had a special sticker on the windshield.
* al final de su mandato = lame duck.
* elecciones de mitad de mandato = mid-term elections.
* en el mandato = in office.
* finalizar un mandato = leave + office.
* mandato judicial = writ.
* periodo de mandato = period of office.
* territorio bajo mandato = mandate.

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