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maintenance, upkeep; alimony




(n.) = housekeeping ; keeping ; maintenance ; continuance ; upkeep ; sustaining ; sustainability ; sustainment.
Ex: The establishment of IT in both the housekeeping and information operations makes it necessary to cater for these kinds of facilities at varying levels.
Ex: I am an associate director for collections development, and my responsibilities relate to the getting and keeping of collections = Soy subdirector encargado del desarrollo de la colección y mis responsabilidades están relaconadas con la adquisición y mantenimiento de las colecciones.
Ex: The drawbacks of this form are its limited flexibility, and the time taken in maintenance.
Ex: Knowledge, in its growth, must obey the universal laws which prohibit the continuance of any form of exponential increase toward infinity.
Ex: The penalty is the very high cost of purchase and upkeep, but as a single comprehensive work on legislation it is the one which can be most highly recommended.
Ex: This article considers practical aspects of the transition from printed forms to electronic publishing, and the sustaining of profitability.
Ex: The sustainability of CD-ROM databases appears to be threatened by the lack of awareness as to its potential as a valuable resource to support research.
Ex: America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality.
* barco de mantenimiento = maintenance vessel.
* buque de mantenimiento = maintenance vessel.
* con mantenimiento técnico = supported.
* costes de mantenimiento = maintenance costs ; running costs.
* costes de mantenimiento energético = energy costs.
* de mantenimiento y limpieza = janitorial.
* empleado de mantenimiento = maintenance employee ; maintenance worker.
* equipo de mantenimiento = maintenance crew.
* equipo de mantenimiento artificial de la vida = life-support system.
* fuerzas encargadas del mantenimiento de la paz = peacekeeping forces.
* gimnasia de mantenimiento = fitness.
* mantenimiento artificial de la vida = life support.
* mantenimiento barato = low maintenance.
* mantenimiento caro = high maintenance.
* mantenimiento de espacios exteriores = ground maintenance.
* mantenimiento de jardines = ground maintenance.
* mantenimiento de la paz = peacekeeping [peace-keeping].
* mantenimiento de las constantes vitales = life support.
* mantenimiento del catálogo = catalogue maintenance ; catalogue control.
* mantenimiento del coche = car maintenance.
* mantenimiento del tesauro = thesaurus maintenance.
* mantenimiento físico = keep-fit.
* mucho mantenimiento = high maintenance.
* no necesitar mantenimiento = maintenance-free.
* persona de mantenimiento = fettler.
* personal de mantenimiento = service worker ; fettler.
* poco mantenimiento = low maintenance.
* profesor de gimnasia de mantenimiento = fitness professional.
* programa informático con mantenimiento incluido = supported software.
* servicio de mantenimiento técnico = support service.
* sin mantenimiento = maintenance-free.

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