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manual, of or pertaining to the hands; hand-operated; physical, done using human skill or force (rather than mechanical)
manual, handbook; trade


(n.) = handbook ; manual ; textbook [text book] ; code book ; training manual.
Ex: Function key <F3> provides a handbook to the database.
Ex: It is hoped that a new ISDS manual and guidelines for bibliographic description will be published in 1986.
Ex: A textbook is a didactic document setting out basic knowledge of an art, science or technique.
Ex: When the user is building a trail, he names it, inserts the name in his code book, and taps it out on his keyboard.
Ex: Training manuals and support services, such as the Help Desk, are a particular feature of the BLAISE information retrieval services.
* caso de manual, un = textbook case, a.
* manual básico = primer.
* manual de aprendizaje = instruction book.
* manual de autoayuda = self-help manual.
* Manual de Descripción de Archivos = Manual of Archival Description (MAD).
* manual de estilo = style manual ; style guideline.
* Manual de Estilo de Chicago = Chicago Manual of Style.
* Manual de Estilo de la MLA, el = MLA Style Manual, the.
* manual de hojas sueltas = loose-leaf manual.
* manual de lecturas recomendadas = reader ; course reader.
* manual de operaciones = operations manual.
* manual de preparación = training manual.
* manual de procedimiento = rules of procedure.
* manual de referencia = reference manual ; reference guide.
* manual de usuario = user manual.
* manual práctico = how-to-do-it book ; how-to-do-it manual ; instruction manual ; how-to book ; how-to manual.
* manual técnico = technical book.
(adj.) = manual ; hand-operated ; manipulatory ; hand ; manually operated.
Ex: These principles are being applied in an ever increasing variety of contexts, both manual and automated.
Ex: Hand-operated stabbing machines, which forced three stabbing needles simultaneously through the side of a pamphlet, ready for subsequent sewing by hand, appeared early in the century.
Ex: Thus in games, manipulatory skills are often exercised and extended, as for example in games that involve running, climbing or making objects -- bows and arrows, catapults, clothes for dolls, and so on.
Ex: There was besides vehement opposition to the machines from the hand compositors.
Ex: The final product was a simplified, manually operated information system.
* búsqueda manual = manual searching.
* catalogación manual = manual cataloguing.
* catálogo manual = manual catalogue.
* destreza manual = manual dexterity.
* enfocado manual = manual focus.
* fichero manual = manual file.
* forma manual = hand mould.
* herramienta manual = hand tool.
* impresión manual = hand-printing.
* indización manual = manual indexing.
* lavado manual a presión = jet wash.
* obrero manual = blue collar worker.
* papel verjurado manual = laid hand-made paper.
* período de la prensa manual, el = hand-press period, the.
* prensa manual = hand-press.
* taladro manual = hand drill.
* tina manual = hand vat.
* trabajador manual = manual worker.
* trabajo manual = manual labour.
* transmisión manual = manual transmission.

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