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apple, round fruit which grows on trees (usually red, green or yellow)




(n.) = apple.
Ex: Whereas, before, the land was dense with stately white pines, now apple, plum, pear, peach, and cherry orchards stood in regimented rows and cattle grazed peacefully.
* a diario una manzana es cosa sana = an apple a day keeps the doctor away ; an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay.
* la Gran Manzana = the Big Apple.
* manzana acaramelada = toffee apple ; candied apple ; candy apple.
* manzana de la discordia, la = bone of contention, the ; apple of discord, the ; apple of discord, the ; heart of the dispute, the.
* manzana podrida = bad apple ; rotten apple ; damaged goods ; cuckoo in the nest.
* manzana verde = green apple.
* tarta de manzana = apple pie.
* una manzana podrida echar a perder el resto de la cesta = one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.
* verde manzana = apple green.
* zumo de manzana = apple cider ; apple juice.

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