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mathematics, maths, science of numbers and number patterns and forms; mathematical aspects of something
mathematics, science of numbers and number patterns and forms; mathematical aspects of something
mathematical, concerning or according to mathematics, arithmetical; precise, certain
mathematician, one who is an expert in the science of mathematics


= mathematics ; maths [math, -USA] ; math [maths, -UK].
Ex: P H Hirst defines eight such primary divisions of knowledge: mathematics, physical science, human science, history, moral knowledge, art, religion, philosophy.
Ex: This sort of informal discussion between teacher and pupils is really a 'bridge passage' leading smoothly from one occupation -science, or P.E. or maths, etc.- to literary reading.
Ex: Salaries of library professionals compare unfavourably with pay scales in the information industry and math and science-related fields.
* desde el punto de vista de las matemáticas = mathematically.
* fobia a las matemáticas = mathophobia.
* nuevas matemáticas = new math(s).
(n.) = mathematician.
Ex: A mathematician is not a man who can readily manipulate figures; often he cannot.
(adj.) = mathematical ; mathematic.
Ex: Forms of symbol used for presentation are: 1 language, eg Arabic; 2 mathematical, eg. graphs, formulae; 3 pictorial, eg drawings.
Ex: This article presents Bradford's Law as an observation made from the outcome of searching rather than a mathematic development.
* área de datos matemáticos = mathematical data area.
* cálculo matemático = mathematical calculation.
* de un modo matemático = mathematically.
* error matemático = mathematical mistake ; mathematical error.
* expresión matemática = mathematical expression.
* fórmula matemática = mathematical formula.
* lógica matemática = mathematical logic.
* modelo matemático = mathematical model.
* pensamiento matemático = mathematical thinking.
* tratado matemático = mathematical treatise.

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