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birth, calve; nativity; formation; source; rising




(n.) = birth ; rise ; spring ; nativity ; hatching.
Nota: Referido a animales.
Ex: Typically, the additions to the name will fall within the following categories: title of nobility, title of honour, form of address, date of birth, and date of death.
Ex: The rise of documentation in this country takes a rather different turn, due largely to the development of fine grain photographic emulsions and the miniature camera using a film with an acetate, non-explosive, base.
Ex: They bought a book which is an 1875 edition of the travel guide Faxon's illustrated hand-book of summer travel to the lakes, springs and mountains of New England.
Ex: Pilgrims journeyed to the cathedral to view the Veil of the Virgin, a strip of cloth believed to have been worn by the Virgin Mary at the Nativity of Christ.
Ex: In the first two days after hatching, chicks coming from eggs incubated in the light prevalently slept with their right eye open.
* acta de nacimiento = birth certificate.
* celebrar el nacimiento del bebé = wet + the baby's head.
* certificado de nacimiento = birth certificate.
* con el nacimiento de = at the dawn of.
* contribuir al nacimiento de = lead to + the birth of.
* defecto de nacimiento = birth defect.
* de nacimiento = from birth ; innately ; inborn ; native-born ; born ; by birth.
* derecho de nacimiento = birthright.
* fecha de nacimiento = birth date ; date of birth.
* lugar de nacimiento = birthplace ; place of birth.
* madre de nacimiento = birth mother.
* madre o padre de nacimiento = birth parent.
* mancha de nacimiento = birthmark.
* marca de nacimiento = birthmark.
* nacimiento del pelo = hairline.
* nacimiento de polluelos = chick hatching.
* nacimiento precoz = prematurity.
* nombre de nacimiento = née.
* padre de nacimiento = birth father.
* país de nacimiento = native country.
* peso de nacimiento = birthweight.

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