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national; domestic, home; all union; arterial
native, someone who is indigenous; resident of a certain place from the time of birth; national



(adj.) = countrywide [country-wide] ; domestic ; home ; national ; state-owned ; nationwide [nation-wide] ; all-nation ; state-operated ; state-run.
Ex: There is an urgent need for a survey of private libraries on a countrywide scale.
Ex: Results indicate that bibliographers at these libraries depend on inadequate reviewing sources and domestic approval plans for developing these literatures.
Ex: Exports of school texts seem to do well, with a total contribution of 7.34 per cent to total turnover compared to 9.21 per cent from the home sales.
Ex: National agencies creating MARC records use national standards within their own country, and re-format records to UNIMARC for international exchange.
Ex: We are state-owned and in a monopolistic situation because of our size, status and/or the uniqueness of our collection.
Ex: Most of the packaging for cassettes provided by commercial vendors that are known nationwide is lousy, falls apart, looks bad, and so on.
Ex: The article 'New Czechoslovak database centres on the first all-nation level' describes the services offered by these centres and presents the results of a survey.
Ex: All state-operated colleges of arts and science in New York state were given funds in fiscal year 1987-88 for collection preparation and barcoding.
Ex: The nucleus of the system is composed of state-run information centres.
* agencia nacional = local agency.
* agencia nacional bibliográfica = national bibliographic agency.
* a nivel nacional = nationally ; countrywide [country-wide] ; at a national level ; on a national level.
* archivo nacional = national archives.
* Archivo Nacional Americano = United States National Archives.
* Asociación Nacional para Adquisiciones (NAG) = National Acquisitions Group (NAG).
* asunto de interés nacional = domestic issue.
* Audiencia Nacional, la = High Court, the.
* bibliografía nacional = national bibliography.
* Bibliografía Nacional Británica (BNB) = British National Bibliography (BNB).
* biblioteca nacional = national library.
* Biblioteca Nacional Central = National Central Library.
* Biblioteca Nacional de Alemania = Deutsche Bibliothek.
* Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina (NLM) = National Library of Medicine (NLM).
* Biblioteca Nacional Francesa = Bibliotheque Nationale.
* Catálogo Colectivo Nacional = National Union Catalog ; NUC.
* catálogo nacional = national catalogue.
* catástrofe nacional = national disaster.
* Centro Nacional de Préstamos = National Lending Centre.
* Comité Nacional de Asesoramiento (NACO) = National Advisory Committee (NACO).
* concilio nacional = national council.
* Consejo Nacional de Profesores de Inglés = National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).
* cuestión de interés nacional = domestic issue.
* de alcance nacional = nationwide [nation-wide].
* defensa nacional = national defence.
* desarrollo de la identidad nacional = nation building.
* desarrollo nacional = national development.
* deuda nacional, la = national debt, the.
* ejército nacional, el = national army, the.
* equipo nacional = national team.
* estado nacional = national state.
* estereotipo nacional = national stereotype.
* Federación Nacional de Asesorías Independientes (FIAC) = National Federation of Independent Advice Centres (FIAC).
* festividad nacional = national holiday.
* fiesta nacional = national holiday.
* Fundación Nacional para las Humanidades (NEH) = National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).
* Guardia Nacional, la = National Guard, the.
* himno nacional = national anthem.
* identidad nacional = national identity.
* idiosincracia nacional = national ethos.
* independencia nacional = national independence ; national freedom.
* Instituto Nacional de la Salud (INSALUD) = National Institutes of Health (NIH).
* intercambio nacional = national exchange.
* liberación nacional = national liberation.
* MARC de la Bibliografía Nacional Británica = BNB MARC.
* Matica Slovenca (Biblioteca Nacional de Yugoslavia) = Matica Slovenska.
* media nacional = national average.
* mercado nacional = home market ; domestic market.
* moneda nacional = local currency.
* monumento nacional = heritage site ; national monument.
* movimiento de liberación nacional = national liberation movement.
* nacional 7 estado nacional = nation state.
* nacional socialista = National Socialist.
* NASA (Administración Nacional para la Aeronáutica y el Espacio) = NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
* NISTF (Grupo de Trabajo sobre los Sistemas Nacionales de Información de la A = NISTF (Society of American Archivists National Information Systems Task Force).
* número de bibliografía nacional = national record number.
* número de la bibliografía nacional = national bibliographic record number.
* número nacional de identificación bibliográfica = national bibliography number.
* orgullo nacional = national pride.
* parque nacional = state park ; national park.
* Partido Socialista Nacional, el = National Socialist Party, the.
* patrimonio nacional = cultural heritage ; heritage site ; national heritage.
* plato nacional, el = national dish, the.
* policía nacional irlandesa = garda [gardai, -pl.].
* política bibliotecaria nacional = national library policy.
* política de información nacional = national information policy.
* política nacional = national politics.
* prioridad nacional = national priority.
* productos nacionales = domestic goods.
* red nacional de suministro de electricidad, la = national grid, the.
* red nacional de suministro eléctrico, la = national grid, the.
* SCONUL (Sociedad de Bibliotecas Nacionales y Universitarias) = SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries).
* seguridad nacional = homeland security ; national security.
* selección nacional = national team.
* servicio nacional = domestic service.
* Sindicato Nacional de Agricultores (NFU) = National Farmers' Union (NFU).
* sistema bibliotecario nacional = national library system.
* tesoro nacional = national treasure.
* tesoro nacional, el = national treasury, the.
* universidad nacional de educación a distancia (UNED) = open university.
* vuelo nacional = domestic flight.

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