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negative, adverse, minus
negative, negation; negative word; refusal, denial



(n.) = negative.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: Owing to the lack of skilled staff and economic resources, traditional libraries are not always able to adequately collect, classify, record, preserve and store prints and negatives of historical importance.
* negativo fotográfico en placa de vidrio = glass plate negative.
(adj.) = bad ; minus ; negative ; disruptive ; destructive.
Ex: I'm not saying that it is bad, but it is a real difference of interest between the needs and purposes of research libraries and the public libraries, and I would also throw in the school and almost certainly junior college libraries.
Ex: Here the date the amount was changed, the amount of the change, either plus or minus, and the user number of the person making the change are shown.
Ex: When the amount is negative, the vendor owes the library the money.
Ex: The crisis in South African education -- particularly black education -- has resulted from the disruptive effects of apartheid.
Ex: The Archives are located in an area that experiences severe air pollution and levels of ozone that are very destructive to paper and parchment.
* actitud negativa = negative attitude.
* connotación negativa = negative connotation.
* consecuencia negativa = blowback.
* dar negativo = test + negative.
* de forma negativa = in a negative light ; in a bad way.
* de manera negativa = in a negative light.
* distribución binomial negativa = negative binomial distribution.
* efecto negativo = chilling effect ; blowback ; negative effect.
* en el lado negativo = on the debit side ; on the downside ; on the minus side.
* energía negativa = bad vibes.
* eugenesia negativa = negative eugenics.
* imagen negativa = negative image.
* impacto negativo = negative impact.
* liquidez negativa = negative cash flow.
* reacción negativa = negative reaction.
* relación negativa = negative relationship.
* repercusión negativa = backlash.
* resultado negativo = negative result.
* saldo negativo = debit ; debit balance.
* sentimientos negativos = grinding of teeth.
* tener un efecto negativo en = have + a negative effect on.
* test + ser + negativo = test + negative.

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