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nutria, aquatic rodent similar to the beaver which is bread for its fur; otter, aquatic webbed-foot mammal that has thick smooth fur and eats fish and is related to weasels and minks
nurture, nourish


(n.) = nutria ; otter.
Ex: This paper discusses the reproduction behavior of mink, nutria, raccoon dogs, marmots, chinchillas, sables and martens.
Ex: Otters are one of the most fun animals to observe, as they seem to always be active: swimming, diving, fishing, playing.
* nutria de mar = sea otter.
* nutria de río = river otter.
(v.) = nurture ; nourish.
Ex: Studying the leisure reading preferences of teens can help library media specialists develop collections and programs that nurture a lifelong love of reading.
Ex: The library's mission must be further nourished and refined, for philosophy is not an idle pastime -- it is a foundation and rationale for human endeavor.

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