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object, thing; goal, purpose; exhibit; single
remonstrate; object, demur


object it objected

(v.) = object ; cavil (about/at) ; quibble (about/over/with) ; raise + an objection.
Ex: It may be objected that a direct experience of the country by visiting it does not ensure a true picture, in fact that it may even stand in the way.
Ex: Chalmers conceded the utter falseness of the forgeries, but cavilled at Malone's method of refuting them.
Ex: If the business of American government simply comes down to quibbling over price, then all principled protests become rather pointless.
Ex: The objection that is always raised against our subject access reflecting a multiplicity of points of view is that the reader's expectations concerning access will often not be met.
(n.) = artifact [artefact] ; body ; object ; physical object ; artefact [artifact].
Ex: There is also a review by Ken Bierman of the future of the catalog insofar as it is a physical artifact.
Ex: Cartographic materials are, according to AACR2, all the materials that represent, in whole or in part, the earth or any celestial body.
Ex: An object is a tree-dimensional artefact (or replica of an artefact) or a specimen of a naturally occurring entity.
Ex: The rolls, which it was customary to keep in the bosom, contained exhortations, messages and promises and were considered very valuable as physical objects.
Ex: An artefact is any object made or modified by man.
* basado en el objeto = artefact-centred [artefact-centered, -USA].
* basado en los objetos = object-specific.
* centrado en el objeto = artefact-centred [artefact-centered, -USA].
* colección de objetos de las artes escénicas = theatre arts collection.
* conocimiento del objeto = object knowledge.
* DOI (Identificador de Objeto Digital) = DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
* gestión de objetos = object management.
* indización según el objeto = entity-oriented indexing.
* lenguaje de objetos = object language.
* libro como objeto = book-object.
* mujer objeto = sex object ; kept woman.
* objeto coleccionable = collectable item ; collectable ; collectible ; collectible item.
* objeto cultural = cultural object.
* objeto curioso = knick knack.
* objeto de arte = art object.
* objeto de barro = earthenware.
* objeto de bronce = bronze.
* objeto de hierro = ironwork.
* objeto de información electrónico = electronic information object.
* objeto en forma de caja = enclosure.
* objeto expuesto = exhibit.
* objeto inservible = useless object.
* objeto inútil = useless object.
* objeto lacado = lacquer.
* objeto material = material object.
* objeto natural = natural object.
* objeto que da consuelo = comforter.
* objetos curiosos = bric-a-brac.
* objetos de bronce = brassware.
* objetos de Eslovenia = Slovenica.
* objetos de valor = valuables.
* objetos esotéricos = esoterica.
* objeto sexual = sex object.
* objetos naturales = realia.
* objetos o estilo asociado a Canadá = Canadiana.
* objetos o estilo asociado a los Estados Unidos de América = Americana.
* objetos o estilo asociado o conmemorativo de Gandhi = Gandhiana.
* objetos perdidos = lost property ; lost property ; lost and found.
* objetos y utensilios de escritura = stationery.
* objeto tridimensional = three-dimensional object.
* objeto volador = flying object.
* Objeto Volador No Identificado (OVNI) = UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).
* orientado hacia el objeto = object-oriented ; artefact-centred [artefact-centered, -USA].
* perder un objeto personal = lose + property.
* programación orientada a objetos = object-oriented programming (OOP).
* programa objeto = object program(me).
* tratar como un objeto = objectify.
(n.) = focus ; object ; locus [loci, -pl.] ; butt.
Nota: Generalmente usado para referirse a personas que son objeto de ridículo.
Ex: Our focus in this text is on the first stage in the following diagram.
Ex: The object of classification is to group related subjects.
Ex: The locus of government policy making has been shifted to the Ministry of Research and Technology.
Ex: The author discusses art critic Harry Quilter, usually remembered today as 'Arry,' the butt of merciless lampooning by J.M. Whistler.
* con (el) objeto de = in order to ; in the attempt to ; in an attempt to ; in an effort to ; aimed at ; with the purpose of ; in a bid to/for ; with the aim of ; in the drive to ; in a drive to ; in a move to ; in order that ; in the interest(s) of ; with an aim to.
* con (el) objeto de hacer = toward(s).
* con (el) objeto de (+ Infinitivo) = with a view to (+ Gerundio).
* con (el) objeto de + Verbo = for the purpose of + Nombre.
* objeto de aprendizaje = learning object.
* objeto de burla = object of ridicule.
* objeto de culto = cult object.
* objeto de curiosidad = object of curiosity.
* objeto de delito contra el estado = impeachable.
* objeto de estudio = subject ; object of study ; under study.
* objeto de interés = object of interest.
* objeto del debate = at issue.
* objeto de valor = valuable.
* objeto de valor cultural = cultural valuable.
* ser objeto de = be a matter for/of ; be subject to ; experience ; come in for ; run + the gauntlet of ; make + Nombre + subject to.
* ser objeto de abusos = take + abuse.
* ser objeto de crítica = attract + criticism ; come in + for criticism ; be under criticism ; be subjected to + criticism ; be (the) subject of/to criticism ; take + heat ; cause + criticism.
* ser objeto de debate = be at issue.
* ser objeto de discriminación = suffer + discrimination.
* ser objeto de insultos = take + insults.

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