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oblige, compel; coerce, compel to do something; push; bind; draft; trust

compel, obligate, oblige, enforce

(v.) = bind ; compel ; constrain ; dictate ; force ; impel ; mandate ; obligate ; oblige ; enjoin ; enforce.
Ex: Rules and conditions concerning book lending are the most important items in a library's statute book, binding the reader by specific obligations in the process of borrowing books.
Ex: It was apparent that the majority of respondents did not feel the need to react as if they were confronting forces compelling the adoption of totally new role.
Ex: Model II sees the process in terms of the system forcing or constraining the user to deviate from the 'real' problem.
Ex: Also, economy dictates that every possible entry cannot be printed.
Ex: If the library wants all users to have passwords, an authorization level of 1 can be assigned in the search function to force the system to require a password.
Ex: We have already been impelled toward a definition of the future catalog by forces not especially conducive to its development into a more effective instrument.
Ex: Adequate security for expensive equipment must also be provided for in this decision, and a secluded back room, a remote phone cut-off switch, or a removable keyboard may be mandated.
Ex: As a result they were obligated to remain generally uninvolved in the patron's efforts to make a decision.
Ex: The user interested in children's sports, therefore, is obliged, when looking under the general heading, to differentiate between those works which are general and those which are on men's sports.
Ex: Heightened interest in the nation's founding and in the intentions of the founders enjoins law librarians to provide reference service for research in the history of the constitutional period.
Ex: Economic necessity will enforce an improvement in the provision of patent information in Hungary.
* obligar a = make it + incumbent upon.
* obligar a Alguien = bludgeon + Nombre + into.
* obligar a Alguien a exiliarse = force + Nombre + into exile.
* obligar a Alguien al exilio = force + Nombre + into exile.
* obligar a cerrar el negocio = force out of + business ; force + Nombre + out of the marketplace.
* obligar a Hacer Algo = push into.
* obligar a + Infinitivo = push towards + Gerundio.
* obligar a pagar = enforce + payment.
* obligar a retirarse = drive back.
* obligar a retroceder = press + Nombre + back.
* obligar a salir = drive + Nombre + out with a pitchfork ; push out.
* obligar a salir de = force from.
* obligar a subir el precio = force up + prices.

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