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observe, watch, study; monitor, supervise; discern; keep, honour; fulfill religious commandments; follow, abide by; remark, comment


(v.) = notice ; see ; watch ; spy ; behold ; observe ; eye ; remark ; look down over ; look down on/upon.
Ex: Notice that records 2 and 4 do not appear on the directory.
Ex: Where the conference cannot be seen to have a name, then the work will normally be treated as a collection.
Ex: Watch what occurs as the letters 'New' and a space are typed.
Ex: She spied Asadorian in earnest converse with McSpadden.
Ex: As Confucius said 'behold the turtle, he makes progress only when his neck is out'.
Ex: This is a very common failing of librarians and can be observed daily: they appear unable to recognise when enough is enough.
Ex: The banking community is eyeing its possibilities with serious interest.
Ex: When Ed Blume was asked at a meeting about LC's failure to have established a heading for rock music for so long, he remarked: 'Today's horse may be tomorrow's carrion'.
Ex: There was one ram that was content to stay up in the cliffs and look down over his domain.
Ex: The characters stand inside a mysterious domed structure looking down on the Earth watching the 19th century take shape.
* aficionado a observar las estrellas = stargazer.
* observar atentamente y durante cierto tiempo = maintain + vigil.
* observar con más detalle = closer look.
* observar las estrellas = stargaze ; gaze at + the stars.
* persona que ve/observa = watcher.

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