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oyster, any of various edible bivalve mollusks that are found mainly in shallow waters and are generally eaten raw; bluepoint, type of shellfish




(n.) = oyster.
Ex: A search of the term 'shellfish' selects a further 126 terms, of which the six most highly ranked are: oysters, mussels, clams, tides, estuaries, and seafoods.
* aburrirse como ostras = be bored stiff ; be bored to death ; be bored to tears ; be bored out of + Posesivo + (tiny) mind.
* aburrirse como una ostra = bore + Nombre + to tears ; bore + Nombre + to death ; bore + Nombre + stiff.
* estar aburrido como una ostra = be bored stiff.
* hueva de ostra = oyster spat.

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