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father confessor
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tremendous, enormous; fatherly, paternal; senior
father; parent; reverend; sire, male parent of an animal



(n.) = father ; dad.
Ex: A patronymic is the name derived from the given name of the father, often by the addition of a suffix.
Ex: Tuan is his new father figure after his real dad sadly died after being poorly for a long time.
* Asociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnos (AMPA) = Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
* asociación de padres = parents' association.
* asociación de padres de alumnos = Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
* de los padres = parental.
* día del padre, el = Father's Day.
* el padre de = the father of.
* familia en la que los dos padres trabajan = dual-income family.
* formación de padres = parenting ; parenting education.
* madre o padre adoptivo = foster parent.
* madre o padre biológico = biological parent.
* madre o padre de nacimiento = birth parent.
* madre o padre natural = birth parent.
* madre or padre adoptivo = adoptive parent.
* no le enseñes a tu padre a ser padre = don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs.
* no le enseñes a tu padre a ser hijo = don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs.
* Nombre Propio + padre = senior + Nombre Propio.
* padre adoptivo = foster father ; adoptive father.
* padre biológico = biological father.
* padre de familia = pater familias ; family man.
* padre de nacimiento = birth father.
* padre fundador = founding father.
* padre natural = birth father.
* padres = parents.
* padres adoptivos = adopted parents.
* padres biológicos = biological parents.
* padre soltero = single father ; single parent.
* relación entre padres e hijos = parent-child bonding.
* reunión a la que los padres acuden con sus bebés = lapsit.
* sueño de los padres = hand-me-down dream.
* uno de los padres = parent.
* vínculos entre padres e hijos = parent-child bonding.
* vivir con + Posesivo + padres = live with + Posesivo + parents.

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