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spade, scoop, shovel; bat, racket; blade; vamp; paddle; slice, thin piece cut from a larger object


shovel , spade


(n.) = peel ; shovel ; spade.
Ex: Another cook works the wood-burning oven, stoking it with almond wood, moving the coals to the back and taking the pizzas in and out with a long-handled peel.
Ex: In another area he found that the coal shovels being used weighed from 16 to 38 pounds.
Ex: Tree stumps of a small diameter can be removed relatively easily with a spade and/or preferably a mattock.
* pala de madera = wooden peel.
* pala de quitar nieve = snow shovel.
* pala excavadora = excavator.
* pala para quitar nieve = snow shovel.
* quitar con pala = shovel.
* tener dinero a punta pala = roll in + Dinero ; be filthy rich ; be loaded with money ; be made of money ; be rolling in money ; have + money to burn.

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