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pantaloons, pants, trousers
pants, trousers

slacks, pantaloons



(n.) = trousers ; slacks ; breeches ; pants ; britches.
Nota: También escrito breeches.
Ex: He got up, and, putting hands in the pockets of his trousers, began to walk around the room.
Ex: The head of reference told me that he's going to see about a dress code for the staff, prohibiting slacks for women.
Ex: The user asked for a book about General Wolfe but he said: `I do not want to know about his battles -- I can learn all about those from the histories, I want something that will tell me the colour of the breeches he wore' = El usuario pidió un libro sobre el General Wolfe aunque dijo: "No quiero conocer su batallas, eso lo puedo averiguar en los libros de historia, quiero algo que me diga el color de los calzones que llevaba".
Ex: Previously a hearty eater who may have been a few pounds overweight, food now has no meaning for him and he has seen his pants size diminish two sizes.
Ex: Her silver britches gleamed in the sweltering Saturday afternoon sun.
* llevar los pantalones = wear + the breeches.
* llevar los pantalones (en + Posesivo + house) = wear + the trousers (in + Posesivo + house).
* pantalón de chándal = sweatpants.
* pantalones acampanados = flares.
* pantalones anchos = baggy pants.
* pantalones bombachos = breeches ; knickerbockers ; britches.
* pantalones caqui = khakis.
* pantalones casuales = khakis.
* pantalones con dobladillo = turn-ups.
* pantalones de campana = flares.
* pantalones de media caña = knee breeches ; jodhpurs.
* pantalones de montar = riding breeches ; jodhpurs.
* pantalones de pana = curduroy trousers.
* pantalones de soldado = khakis.
* pantalones de tiro alto = hipsters.
* pantalones de tiro largo = hipsters.
* pantalones de vestir = dress slacks ; dress pants ; dress trousers ; suit trousers ; suit pants.
* pantalones informales = khakis.
* pantalones largos = long pants.
* pantalones lisos = flat-front pants.
* pantalones vaqueros = blue jeans ; jeans.
* pantalones vaqueros ajustados = skinny jeans.
* pantalones vaqueros ceñidos = skinny jeans.
* raya del pantalón = crease of trousers.
* tabla de planchar pantalones = trousers press.

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