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pendant, hanging; unsettled; outstanding
slope, side of a hill, incline; upward or downward slant; degree to which a surface deviates from the vertical; pendant, piece of jewelry designed to hang




(n.) = escarpment ; rise ; slope ; hill-hugging ; descent ; ascent.
Ex: Use of Woolston Library has declined slightly: the area is isolated by the River Itchen, a busy main road, and a natural escarpment.
Ex: Consideration must be given to vertical rises (from floor to floor), wiring compartment (don't underestimate need), horizontal cable distribution, and ducting systems.
Ex: The heading PITCH (Slope) illustrates how to qualify a word by another in parenthesis to clarify the meaning = El encabezamiento PENDIENTE (inclinación) ilustra cómo modificar una palabra con otra entre paréntesis para aclarar el significado.
Ex: Dubrovnic is a beautiful natural location on the Adriatic Sea with small, intriguing hill-hugging streets and pedestrian-only traffic within the walls.
Ex: The street-smart kid's descent into crime and heroin addiction is now too familiar a story.
Ex: Highways with repeating hairpin turns allow easier, safer ascents and descents of mountainous terrain than a direct, steep climb and descent.
* en pendiente = sloping ; steeply ; slop(e)y.
(n.) = pendant ; earring.
Ex: Dress was from animal hides and pelts, tattoos ornamented both men and women, and bead pendants were worn in ear lobes and rings.
Ex: The author discusses the social and economic role of jewelry and traces cultural differences in the forms of jewels, focusing on fibulas and earrings.
* pendiente para la nariz = nose ring.
(adj.) = pending ; outstanding ; unresolved.
Ex: Obviously with the definition of what constitutes an entire work still pending it is not easy to define analytical cataloguing precisely.
Ex: Dialog also wants relief from outstanding royalty claims from the American Chemical Society.
Ex: Other instances of unresolved or partially resolved conflicts of this type abound in our precomputer cataloging codes.
* adquisición pendiente de examen y aceptación = on approval acquisition ; sending on approbation ; sending on approval.
* asignatura pendiente = unfinished business ; unresolved matter.
* asunto pendiente = unfinished business ; unresolved matter.
* con pagos pendientes = be in arrears.
* deuda pendiente = outstanding debt.
* estar muy pendiente de = keep + close tabs on.
* estar pendiente de = be on the lookout for ; pay + attention to ; keep + an eye on ; keep + Posesivo + eyes peeled ; keep + Posesivo + eyes skinned ; keep + an eye out for ; be on the alert for ; keep + tabs on ; give + Nombre + attention ; keep + an ear out for ; keep + an eye open for.
* estar pendiente de todo = stay on + top of things ; keep on + top of things ; be on top of things ; be on top of everything.
* estar (totalmente) pendiente de lo que + decir = hang on + Posesivo + (every) word(s).
* estar (totalmente) pendiente de + Posesivo + palabras = hang on + Posesivo + (every) word(s).
* factura pendiente = outstanding invoice.
* pedido pendiente = outstanding order.
* pendiente de = on the lookout for.
* pendiente de anunciarse = yet to be announced.
* pendiente de confirmación = to be confirmed [TBC].
* pendiente de ir a la última moda = fashion-conscious.
* pendiente de seguir la última moda = fashion-conscious.
* quedar pendiente = remain + to be done.
* saldo pendiente = outstanding balance.
(adj.) = hanging.
Ex: The catenary, often confused with the parabola, is the curve formed by a hanging chain held only at its ends.

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