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ideally, perfectly

faultlessly, perfectly


= perfectly ; squarely ; superbly ; loud and clear ; flawlessly ; just right ; immaculately ; right on the nose.
Ex: This is a perfectly acceptable UDC class number but it does not conform to the citation order PME...ST.
Ex: Surveillance licensing is one question which falls squarely into the 'free movement of goods' category and does not involve the harmonization of the laws of member states.
Ex: Nevertheless, black airmen continued to perform superbly.
Ex: This draft resolution is meant to state, loud and clear, what is really at stake and to encourage governments to take action now.
Ex: Overall the drive was judged to perform flawlessly and well beyond what was expected by the reviewer.
Ex: If you don't say the magic word just right, the door won't open.
Ex: Immaculately dressed in a white dress Mila portrays a young maiden carefree and innocent with no hint of inhibitions.
Ex: They couldn't see us but they had our altitude right on the nose.
* conocer perfectamente = know + all too well.
* funcionar perfectamente = be in working order.
* perfectamente + Adjetivo = beautifully + Adjetivo.
* perfectamente integrado = seamless.
* saber perfectamente = know + all too well.

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