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good business
perfect, flawless; complete; undamaged



= perfect ; ideally suited ; flawless ; seamless ; unblemished ; untainted ; perfect fit ; just right.
Ex: Absence of human interpretation of content leads to perfect predictability and consistency in the generation of index entries.
Ex: For this reason alone, the printed catalogue is not ideally suited to a rapidly changing stock.
Ex: No system is flawless, however, and this includes SC350.
Ex: CD-I (CD-Interactive) finally allows them to be integrated together in a seamless fashion = Finalmente el CD-I (CD-Interactivo) les permite integrarse de una manera transparente.
Ex: Many traditional treatments, on the other hand, have tended to glorify him portraying him as an unblemished hero.
Ex: The information needs of minorities are important and that libraries must organise to become neutral service points making untainted information available to all.
Ex: Terms of the sale are undisclosed but the acquisition is believed by Gale to be a perfect fit with its own group growth strategy.
Ex: If you don't say the magic word just right, the door won't open.
* blanco perfecto = sitting duck.
* combinación perfecta = perfect match.
* dominio perfecto = a fine art.
* ejemplo perfecto = perfect example.
* en perfecto estado = intact ; in mint condition ; in immaculate condition.
* en un mundo perfecto = in a perfect world.
* estar perfecto = be (right) on the mark ; be spot on ; hit + the spot ; hit + the mark.
* funcionamiento perfecto = flawless performance.
* pareja perfecta = perfect match ; perfect couple.
* perfecta demostración = object lesson.
* perfecto estado = intactness.
* quedar perfecto = fit like + a glove.
* ser el momento perfecto para = be the perfect time to.
* ser perfecto = be right ; be spot on ; fit + the bill ; be (right) on the mark ; hit + the spot ; hit + the mark.
* venir perfecto = suit + Nombre + to a T ; suit + Nombre + to the ground.
* visión perfecta = 20/20 vision.

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