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lead, plumbum, heavy metallic element (Chemistry); sinker, plummet




(n.) = lead.
Ex: Printing types were cast in an alloy of lead, antimony, and tin called type-metal.
* aleación de plomo = lead-alloy.
* andar se con pies de plomo = tread + (very) warily ; walk on + eggshells ; tread + (very) carefully.
* batería de ácido y plomo = lead acid battery.
* envenenamiento por plomo = lead poisoning.
* gasolina con plomo = leaded gasoline ; leaded gas.
* gasolina sin plomo = unleaded gasoline ; unleaded gas.
* intoxicación por plomo = lead toxicity.
* pintura con plomo = lead paint.
(n.) = sinker ; plummet.
Ex: One of the rock cod fishing tips is to use a sinker, so that the line goes down till the rocks, where the cod is.
Ex: Attach the plummet to the hook and let it hang below the float.
(n.) = fuse.
Ex: Chapter 11 covers the following: jumpstarting; installing antifreeze; replacing radiator hose, radiator cap, thermostat and fuses; and checking brake fluid .
* caja de los plomos = fuse box.
* plomo + fundirse = blow + a fuse.
(n.) = bummer.
Ex: The article 'Bargains or bummers? Remainders' suggests that despite problems attaching to buying remainders, judicious purchasing of this stock can add valuable books to a library's collection at a very reasonable cost.
* ser un plomo = be a (real) pain in the neck ; be a (real) pain in the ass ; be a (real) pain in the arse ; be a (real) pain in the backside ; be a (real) pain in the proverbials ; be a (real) pain in the butt.

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