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precision, accuracy; nicety


(n.) = accuracy ; exactness ; precision ; precision ; fineness ; unambiguity ; preciseness.
Ex: This information should be double-checked for accuracy before being confirmed by entry of a 'y'.
Ex: Research into controlled and free language is essential for achiever greater exactness in on-line searching.
Ex: Whether such precision will result in a catalogue more satisfactory to readers than that produced by the reasonable application of the vaguer AA is a moot point.
Ex: As discussed above, precision, or the proportion of relevant documents retrieved, is related to recall, the extent of retrieval of relevant documents.
Ex: To gain an idea of the fineness of detail necessary to produce the circuit elements on the chip, imagine a map of the British Isles showing sufficient detail to identify even the narrowest side-street in London.
Ex: The unambiguity of the description of individual documents should become the main aim of all efforts to standardise bibliographic description.
Ex: Although the movie has a well-defined sense of character and dramatic incident, a handsome and clear visual presentation, and an interesting feel for inflated men locking horns, it lacks thematic preciseness.
* amante de la precisión = precisionist.
* andarse con precisiones = be precise.
* coeficiente de precisión = coefficient of precision.
* con precisión = precisely.
* definido con precisión = closely defined.
* falta de precisión = fuzziness ; looseness ; looseness of fit.
* grado de precisión = degree of detail.
* índice de precisión = precision figure.
* instrumento de precisión = precision device.
* mejorar la precisión = improve + precision.

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