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present oneself, introduce oneself; report, roll in; take; race; sit

to be presented

(v.) = come in ; manifest + Reflexivo ; turn up ; show up ; unfold ; come forward ; come with ; pop up ; present + Reflexivo ; put in + an appearance.
Ex: Such records come in a variety of physical forms. Ex: However, you must be able to identify these categories as they manifest themselves in any given subject area in the scheme. Ex: Results showed that many users turn up at the library with only a sketcky idea of what they would like and spend much time browsing. Ex: Problems of community service seem to show up more clearly in the countryside. Ex: Research in any scientific field can never be neutral: the process is initially motivated by the researcher's own questioning of perceived realities, and unfolds in a particular historical moment, subject to the social, political and ideological influences of that context. Ex: Some of the individual programmes are now being drawn up and in one case at least the Commission has already published a notice calling for interested organizations to come forward. Ex: The problem comes with ideographic languages. Ex: It can pop up in one form one week and in another form another week. Ex: From a trade union perspective, this situation presents itself as one of the largest and most difficult challenges of recent decades. Ex: While odd red-footed falcons put in appearances locally every year, the birds nest regularly no nearer to Britain than Eastern Europe. (v.) = bring to + the attention ; display ; draw ; exhibit ; expose ; feature ; introduce ; open up ; pose ; present ; provide with ; set out ; subject ; throw up ; render ; put before ; produce ; table ; submit ; unveil ; showcase ; surrender ; lay out ; roll out ; construct ; tender ; come up with ; report ; bring forward ; deliver.
Ex: Many displays are changed from time to time (for example, once a week, or once a month) so that various sections of the stock may be brought to the attention of the library's public over a period of time.
Ex: The command function 'DISPLAY' is used to display a list of alphabetically linked terms.
Ex: For example, when setting up the format for records in a data base, the user can draw a form on the screen, complete with headings for each field, and then, the data is entered into the form.
Ex: These headings, therefore, in addition to exhibiting a bias in favor of the majority, actively hinder access.
Ex: The reputation of the information and its authority will be more exposed to examination.
Ex: Other catalogues and bibliographies only feature added entries under title where it is deemed that the author main entry heading is not likely to be obvious to the users.
Ex: The report introduced a range of ideas which have influenced subsequent code construction.
Ex: Here is a key paper by a non librarian which opens up a new and constructive approach to library purpose.
Ex: This illustrates the puzzle that differential policies pose for users.
Ex: Informative abstract present as much as possible of the quantitative or qualitative information contained in a document.
Ex: Many libraries provide users with photocopies of contents pages of selected journals.
Ex: A short score is a sketch made by a composer for an ensemble work, with the main features of the composition set out on a few staves.
Ex: Author abstracts are the abstracts prepared by authors of the document that has been subjected to abstracting.
Ex: Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
Ex: The eventuality is, admittedly, remote but it is also necessary to render the imprint statement in this amount of detail.
Ex: The art of documentation is the process by which the documentalist is enabled to put before the creative specialist the existing literature bearing on the subject of his investigation.
Ex: The perfect librarian may be defined as one who produces the information a reader requires as soon as the reader asks for it.
Ex: This list indicates the dates the reports were tabled and any further action take.
Ex: Most publications are probably free distribution material and whilst that does not absolve the publishers from the obligation of legal deposit it is probable that many local authorities do not submit their materials.
Ex: Here is an institution which knows, neither rank nor wealth within its walls, which stops the ignorant peer or the ignorant monarch at its threshold, and declines to unveil to him its treasures, or to waste time upon him, and yet welcomes the workman according to his knowledge or thirst for knowledge.
Ex: Officially known as SOLEX, this exhibition showcases mainly IT based products for the legal profession.
Ex: The book's date label is stamped in the usual way, and the reader must surrender one token for each book he is borrowing.
Ex: There should be plenty of space to lay out all the books attractively and for people to move about without feeling too crowded.
Ex: I don't need to tell those of you from higher education institutions how course management systems are starting to really proliferate and roll out in higher education.
Ex: It is argued that newspaper reporting of bigamy constructs bigamists as being a threat to the institution of marriage.
Ex: This address was tendered at the State Library of Victoria, Nov 88, to mark the retirement of Professor Jean Whyte.
Ex: Derfer corroborated her: 'I'd be very proud of you if you could come up with the means to draft a model collection development policy'.
Ex: Criticism is not appropriate in a style which aims to report, but not comment upon the content of the original document.
Ex: They also intend to bring forward legislation to provide that the maximum amount of compensation should be £500,000.
Ex: The result could be termed a full-provision data base -- a data base including both text and reference, and delivering much more than the 2 added together.
* argumento que presenta sólo un punto de vista = one-sided argument.
* oportunidad + presentarse = opportunity + knock ; opportunity + present + Reflexivo.
* presentar Algo desde una nueva óptica = throw + Nombre + in a new light ; throw + new light on.
* presentar Algo desde un nuevo ángulo = throw + new light on.
* presentar argumentos a favor = make + a case for.
* presentar argumentos a favor de = present + arguments in favour of.
* presentar cargos contra = press + charges against ; bring + charges against.
* presentar como = make + Nombre + out to be.
* presentar conclusiones = provide + conclusions.
* presentar conocimiento = package + knowledge.
* presentar deficiencias = fall + short.
* presentar de manera esquemática = give + an overview.
* presentar dentro de = package.
* presentar Algo desde una nueva perspectiva = shed + new light on ; throw + new light on.
* presentar detalladamente = spread out.
* presentar dificultad = present + difficulty.
* presentar en forma de tabla = tabulate.
* presentar en pantalla = call up ; print + online ; bring up ; screen.
* presentar evidencia a favor de = present + case for.
* presentar información = submit + information ; package + information.
* presentar información de varios modos = repackage + information.
* presentar la evolución de Algo = chart + the history.
* presentar la oportunidad = allow + the opportunity to.
* presentar las pruebas ante = lay + evidence before.
* presentar peligro = present + danger.
* presentar + Posesivo + dimisión = tender + Posesivo + resignation.
* presentar + Posesivo + respetos = pay + Posesivo + respects.
* presentar posibilidades = present + possibilities ; open (up) + avenues.
* presentar problemas = present + problems.
* presentar pruebas = give + evidence.
* presentar resultados = report + findings ; report + results.
* presentar reto = defy.
* presentarse = come in ; manifest + Reflexivo ; turn up ; show up ; unfold ; come forward ; come with ; pop up ; present + Reflexivo ; put in + an appearance.
* presentarse a = stand for.
* presentarse ante = report to.
* presentarse a una elección = stand for + election ; run for + election ; throw + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; run for + office ; stand for + office.
* presentarse como candidato = run for + election ; run for + office ; stand for + election ; stand for + office.
* presentarse desde una nueva perspectiva = stand in + a new light.
* presentar (según) = cast (in/into).
* presentarse inesperadamente = turn up out of the + blue.
* presentarse una ocasión = occasion + arise.
* presentar similitudes = share + similarities.
* presentar una amenaza = pose + a threat.
* presentar una comunicación = deliver + paper ; give + paper ; present + paper.
* presentar una contribución = present + contribution.
* presentar una demanda = file + a suit against ; file + a lawsuit against.
* presentar una demanda judicial = take + legal action ; take + legal proceedings.
* presentar una denuncia = file + a police report.
* presentar una dificultad = pose + an issue.
* presentar una factura = submit + bill.
* presentar una idea = make + a point ; put forward + idea ; offer + a perspective ; present + idea.
* presentar una imagen = present + picture ; paint + a picture ; present + an image.
* presentar una oportunidad = afford + opportunity.
* presentar una petición = submit + petition.
* presentar una ponencia = give + paper ; read + paper.
* presentar una propuesta = submit + proposal.
* presentar una queja = register + a complaint ; lodge + a complaint ; file + a complaint ; file + a grievance ; make + a complaint ; enter + a complaint.
* presentar una querella = charge.
* presentar una reclamación = enter + a complaint ; place + claim ; file + a complaint ; make + a complaint ; lodge + a complaint ; register + a complaint.
* presentar un argumento = advance + an argument.
* presentar una solicitud = submit + application.
* presentar un aspecto = present + a picture.
* presentar un aspecto de = wear + a look of.
* presentar una visión = present + a picture.
* presentar una visión global = give + an overview ; present + an overview ; present + an overall picture ; give + an overall picture ; overview.
* presentar un buen aspecto = look + good.
* presentar un dilema = present + dilemma.
* presentar un frente común = present + common front.
* presentar un informe = give + a report ; present + report.
* presentar un obstáculo = pose + an obstacle.
* presentar un peligro = pose + a danger.
* presentar un problema = pose + a problem ; air + a problem ; pose + an issue.
* presentar un programa = present + programme.
* presentar un proyecto = submit + project ; present + project.
* presentar un resumen = give + summary.
* presentar un reto = present + challenge ; provide + a challenge.
* presentar un riesgo = pose + a risk.
* presentar vestigios de = bear + traces of.
* seleccionar y presentar en un documento = package.
* volver a presentar = resubmit [re-submit].

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